I stalk a lot of websites, let's not lie. I'm that lurker; the obsessive window shopper who never has any money but who's heart belongs to most material possessions the internet has to offer. But one of my favourite online stores - which has made me break my no spending pact [find out what I purchased at the end of this post] and which I love to stalk at the moment - has to be Cherry Diva*.

I'll freely admit to anyone who asks me [and to those that don't!] that I've stalked these guys for a while. If you've read pretty much any post I've ever published in my life, you will know pretty much instantly that I love a good bargain. And true to form, one of the main reasons I am so obsessed with Cherry Diva is how cheap [yet beautiful] their stock package is.

Being a massive bargain hunter [think of me as like David Dickinson, but less tanned] one of my favourite features on the Cherry Diva website, is their fabulous Pick 'n' Mix section

I love sweets; Woolworths pick 'n' mix bags were mine and my childhood bezzie's swag when our parents finally let us go into town alone. But I'll tell you now; Pick 'n' Mix with Cherry Diva is so much better than even that ecstatic, e-number filled buzz I remember getting from eating too many gummies on the bus home. 

Here's a little selection of some of the super-cute items* you can expect to choose from as part of the Cherry Diva Pick 'n' Mix, which allows you to mix and match amazing cheap jewellery, accessories and novelty gift ideas - all for only £1 each, with free UK shipping on orders over £10. [I still can't get my head around these price tags, tbh.] 

1. Peace Bracelet*, £1 

This is just about the cutest little boho bracelet; ideal for festival wear, lazy days in the park or to layer up with other bracelets and bangles to truly accessorise your wrist for summer.

2. Heart Bangle*, £1 

I can't cope with how minimalist and cute this bangle is. It's like every Instagrammers dream. It also looks incredible when worn with other bangles stacked together; perfect for dressing up summer arms. 

3. Black Bow Ring*, £1 

I love bow rings. I hoard them like no other. This is just so pretty and delicate, with frilly / scalloped gold edges.

4. Gothic Style Earrings*, £1 

I'm feeling the glam vs grunge look at the moment; these little earrings add a gothic twist to the most girly of outfits and would be ideal to wear as part of a festival inspired look. Cherry Diva also do them in gold, again for just one english pound [can't cope.]

5. Heart Earrings*, £1 > I can't find these exact earrings on the site, but go 'head and browse the full Pick 'n' Mix range

Fab, jewel-laden little earrings which can be worn day-to-day or with an updo for a more dressy occasion.


I highly recommend shopping with Cherry Diva and not just being like me and sitting on the sidelines for so long. Some of their pieces are snapped up so fast and their customer service is fab. I know this first hand; as as well as this gorgeous PR Sample, I also treated myself to a gorgeous bodychain for just £5 and some summery pastel earrings for just £5 too. I might have broken my spending ban, but it was definitely worth it.

Have you shopped with / stalked Cherry Diva before? What are your must have accessories for Summer?

*Cherry Diva very kindly sent me these PR samples after I pretty much imploded with excitement to them about how fab their website is and how fab the concept of the £1 Pick 'n' Mix is. All opinions are my own and I legit think that their online boutique is fab x
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