I might be a little late to the party, but here's a little lifestyle post, featuring a quick recap of my loves and loathes last month. You may have seen me rant about some of these on Twitter or obsessively post about them on Instagram; but here's the backstory.

*Disclaimer* when I use the word 'lifestyle', you have to remember that I in reality don't have a life; so if you're expecting sex, booze and rock 'n' roll I have a slice of advice for you - expect to be disappointed, okay? 

May's Baes - The Things I've LOVED This Month

- Putting on about 15 layers of nail polish just so I can sit and peel it off and try and get it all off in one Yes, you are correct to assume I am a self confessed loser and you are also correct to assume that my nails are now also pretty buggered due to all this peeling activity [but you've tried this at least once, right?]

- Discovering Dairy Milk Mini Oreos mix
Heaven in a bag. Those Marvellous Mix-Ups are incredible, Dairy Milk. Even the popping candy one. So thanks.

- I got a new Vaccum Cleaner
And it's sick, y'all. Those flakes of nail polish [and fragments of grated cheese that seem to get everywhere] are no more.

- Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation
I've got right back into this recently; it's a lovely, fluffy full coverage foundation which covers a multitude of sins [i.e. most of my facial features] and reduces the amount of concealer I have to bother with.

Radium Muscle Soak
I didn't have high hopes for this B&M Bargains 85p special, but it actually bubbles up in a style comparable to Radox and smells lovely too. As a bath enthusiast, I couldn't not share this with you.

- Baths, all the time
And brews in the bath; who can argue that a lovely warm bubbly bath with a bit of 4od on and a nice mug of Tetleys isn't somewhat the dream?

- Oxblood nails
Pastels and white nails might be all the rage for summer, but I love a vampy oxblood shade. I've been rediscovering my love for Revlon polishes and feeling like a proper sophisticated adult now I've painted both my fingernails and toenails the same shade #goals.

May's LOATHES - The Main Sources Of My Firey, Incandescent Rage

- Ear infections - Like it's not already a sick enough joke I have a broken left hip, I now also have an ear infection on my right hand side. Trying to find a side to sleep on now is pretty much a military operation. And when I visited my GP he spent more time looking at my boobs than my inflamed ear canal. Just lol.

The man who coughed in my ear in B&M Bargainscheers mate, you are now the prime suspect / most likely instigator of the ear infection scandal.

- Rampant upstairs neighbours
Have you ever wondered how much sex is too much sex? How violent you can be before bashing through a floorboard, or how long you can have sex before it all goes wrong and someone ends up in A&E? The answer is AS LONG AND AS VIOLENT AND AS LOUD AND AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, according to the raging Portugese couple who live directly above me. Maybe I'm bitter that people have loving relationships and I just sleep, but it's most likely I'm psychologically scarred due to the blatant sex fest that occurs above my head every afternoon and evening.

- Barry M Quick Dry nail polishes
This stuff is so quick to dry, it turns out they just dry in their pots to save you a job. Gloopy and poopy. My nails shall be pastel no more.

- Being attacked by a bright orange bee / wasp thing
Like it's not bad enough I've been on crutches for 9 months and can't walk - I was stood outside the pharmacy trying to avoid the local nutjobs, when all of a sudden, this orange assassin began swooping at me and chasing me down the accessibility ramp. Talk about not trying to run before you can walk - how do you flee a scene smoothly on crutches?


How was your May? Did you experience any similar loves or loathes? Anything worse?! Did you find anything / do anything fab last month which puts my life of crutching and bleaching the bathroom grouting for fun to shame? I'd love to hear more.

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