I'm in a somewhat awkward life predicament; I want to buy nice things and keep up with current trends, yet I am also too poor to justify ever blowing big bucks on high end products. I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain, but then there's always that risk of getting your mitts on something not so much cheap and cheerful, but just cheap and plain nasty. Can duplicate or raging knock offs of high end products ever really be as good as their lux alternatives? Is it worth buying them - or just best to give up, gamble madly in the hope you win the lottery and simply dream of a Mac shaped miracle?

Personally, I will most likely never know what I'm missing when it comes to high-end products, given that I spend most of my time in the Smart Price aisle and weep with ecstatic joy when a new 'Roll Back' or 'Oops..' sticker appears on an item. But for a while, I have quite fancied having a go at achieving Kylie Jenner-esque lips with my new [knock off] Lip Plumper and the shade everyone rants and raves about; Velvet Teddy by Mac.

Naturally, when beginning my online shopping mission to find this lipstick, I didn't google Mac products themselves - as this would be a fruitless mission for me given how bankrupt I am; instead I cut out the middleman and searched for 'Mac Velvet Teddy dupes.' One recommended dupe which kept popping up was the Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick in the shade Bare it All. So I logged onto eBay and picked one up for £3.92 including postage from LA to see whether it was worth all the hype.

So, what's this dupe like and was it worth it?

I've got to be honest ... my feelings about this lipstick are definitely a mixed bag. The product itself was dirt cheap and arrived pretty speedily, all the way from our American cousins - plus, the colour of the product is consistent with the dupe recommendations I stalked out via Google. However, I do have some beef with it - and I'm not going to hold back in sharing it with you.

1. It smells. I never thought I'd end up writing about a product in this way, but by jove, this little lippy hum DINGS. It smells like wax or honey... or just generic sh*t. I can't describe it, but it's just like a nasty little insipid pong that makes you initially suspect that it is you that smells, because you can't imagine a lippy ever smelling like that.

2. It's dead waxy. There is nothing Velvet or Teddy-esque like about it; it's a bit oily and the smell is anything but lux or comforting. It also really sticks to your lips - so any dead / chapped skin you have lurking about is highlighted straight away. Yum; crusty.

3. The brand name Wet n Wild makes me feel dead uncomfortable. Maybe I have an innuendo filled mind, but I have definitely seen this phrase used before and it wasn't on a beauty product ...

4. The packaging is cheap and my 'fragrant' lipstick arrived broken.

5. I'm not entirely sure that the colour itself suits me.

GOOD THINGS about this product

1. It's allowed me to try out a shade very similar to Velvet Teddy - at a fraction of the cost.

2. Minus the wax crayon feeling of the lippy itself, it applies pretty well.

3. When I mixed it with another lip colour to attempt to give myself an ombre lip type look, it actually looked really bloody good and I suddenly felt like a massive stud and kept pouting at myself. I almost felt like a Jenner for a moment.

4. I realised that I do most likely need to use a lip liner as well to get the most out of this product, so I can't hold the lippy accountable for everything bad I've written here [minus the smell.]

5.  I'm not sure that this colour suits me, but I'd rather have lost £4 than £30 to find this information out.

Overall, I guess if you can overlook the slightly debatable smell and maybe have more makeup skills than me, I'd say give this lippy a go.

Have you tried anything from Wet n Wild before? Do you have any of your own dupes for Mac's Velvet Teddy to share?

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