First things first, before I get going on this post; I won't claim to be some pure makeup artist. I have never added "MUA" to my Facebook name and my winged eyeliner is very rarely on point. However, what I can do is work to a mean budget and use the products I find to suit me to the best of my ability. Therefore, I'm here today to share my budget flawless face base with you guys and the products I use to give myself a clear and [mostly] blemish free complexion. 

I'm also not being pure vain; my skin is a holy show and there will always be people who can make their faces look a tril times better than mine. But I do get complimented on how I do my makeup and my 'clear skin' [lolz, if only they knew of the spot army lurking under my coating of makeup] so I'm going with that. Even if most of my compliments do stem from the elderly.

We're only talking base here; obv I enjoy a bit of blusher - I even contour and highlight as a treat sometimes - but these are the four tools that make me look like an acceptable human in the face - and which achieve a flawless base to build from. The products I use to contour, bronze, illuminate and add a subtle blush to my cheeks might surface in a post another day.

For a budget flawless finish, I use:

[L-R] Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse FoundationRimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder, MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette, Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation - for lightweight shine control, in shade 200 - Soft Beige - £5.99 from Boots

This foundation is legitimately bae. Consistency wise, it's a lovely, fluffy mousse [and not mousse like I imagine it, like the chocolate and strawberry mousses that used to be on offer for pudding at Primary School.] It's pretty much full coverage without being too heavy - the tiniest bit melts onto the skin to cover such a large portion of face. I used to heart Rimmel's 25 hour Foundation the most, but this little beauty has pipped it to the post at the moment. At £5.99 it's not the cheapest bargain beauty product I own [my ultimate goal products are mostly those which cost me less than a fiver] but it's nowhere near the pricetag of a high end product and it's a pretty important piece of kit in getting my face to look socially acceptable. Plus, you get Boots points *thumbs up emoji.*

MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette - £4.00 from Superdrug 

How did I even live without this invention? If you don't know much about this colour correcting malarky [and to be honest, I usually just wing it and hope for the best] here's some deets from their website to tell you a bit more.

*image from

I also have the colour correcting powder from MUA, which is equally as cheap and a pretty decent sized portion. I stick a bit of the green concealer over any red patches I'm currently representing i.e. spot city and a mix of the peach and yellow on my under eye circle / baggage situation. I also quite like the highlighter in the middle and will use this as part of my contour game. I'll also add, I usually use these tones before I apply my foundation, as to blend them subtly and avoid looking like I  have a rainbow for a face.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light - £6.00 from Makeup Revolution online

This is a truly fab little palette. At £6.00, it does come in as the most expensive product within this post - but prior to discovering this palette, I'd typically use both a stick concealer and a liquid concealer; so I have downsized and really, getting eight different shades of concealer for £6.00 ain't too shabby. I use the paler, more yellowy toned concealers from this palette to highlight down my nose and under my eyes [you know the ritual, one of them tribal face paint type contouring / highlighting patterns you see on YouTube] before I blend it all in and seal it in place with my setting powder of choice.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder, £3.99 from Boots

I full on love this translucent powder. I've tried other pressed powders - and even others from within Rimmel's range - and they all seem to cast these weird brown marks across my face and gather above my lips, so that I have a dark n patchy muzzy. I go through so many pans of this stuff; if they ever discontinued it, I'm honestly not sure what I'd do. Well, other than be horrifically shiny and do all the crying.


Do you use any of my favourite budget base products? Do you have any other recommendations for me? Or have you encountered bad times with any of the above products and fancy venting? My comments box and all social platforms ever welcome your thoughts :) You can find the links to connect with me down the side of my template if you fancy being mates!

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