Being realistic, I only really feature products on the LLL blog if they are: 

  1. Cheap as chips [or, on that topic, probably chips themselves - they'd make the grade for things I'll blog about let's be honest - especially curly fries.] 
  2. From brands I like and reckon you should, too.
  3. Make me look like I'm a functioning member of society / not an eyesore to other humans.
  4. Stuff I've either loved / hated enough to want to tell you guys about it. 
  5. Or very rarely, things which are really fit and unobtainable on my budget and which I just sit perving on every day and night of my poverty stricken life.

So, with this 'strict' criteria, I have made a little beauty discovery today which I want to share with you - because not only does it tick a fair few of the boxes above, it also allows me to be really lazy, but yet still feel like a proper adult who gets shiz done. Interested? Why not read on - I promise my rambling will wear off in a minute, I'm on a sugar high from consuming lots of cake in the bath.


I have every good intention to moisturise. I get out of the bath, get dry and think 'yeah let's do this.'
But then quite often, I get distracted or forget - or more often than not, just full on fall asleep. It's a bit of a boring task I feel; then once I've moisturised I always tend to forget and sit down or get into bed when before the product has soaked into my skin and end up leaving sinister looking body prints everywhere; like one of those sex canvasses Penny and Leonard make in The Big Bang Theory

This changed today. 

As part of the Boots order I placed over the weekend, if you spent a certain amount of coin online on skincare products, they threw in a free gift. Excellent. I think the threshold was quite high - I think it might have been a minimum spend of £25 [holy sh*tballs] - but I needed some new Bio Oil and Razors and Radox and that, so the amount soon crept up and I qualified. I wasn't expecting much from the free gift, but I'll put this out there right now - it's a gamechanger.

Free gift - click here for more deets - Boots Botanics Instant Moisture Mist - 150ml, £4.29

This stuff is a legit life hack. It sprays out of an aerosol can, like some of the fake tan sprays you can pick up. And you just simply spray it over your body to your level of satisfaction - and you're done. I bashed on a bit of old skool Rihanna and had a bit of a dance about whilst performing this duty and I'd managed to moisturise my entire body in legit about 45 seconds. And I'm massively tall and rapidly expanding weight wise - so there's a lot of me to cover right now. The spray itself comes out as a really fine mist [and not squirting out like silly string, like I envisaged before using it] and it rapidly absorbed into my skin, meaning I also wasn't left pure oily and slippery post session.

I didn't plan on posting tonight, I planned on lots of sleeping and biscuits - but I felt like this was too much of a revelation to not share. I will 100% be buying more of these spray on moisturisers and hopefully my skin and my schedule will thank me for it!

Have you ever tried a moisturising mist spray?

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