The title of this post is pretty much self explanatory [and of course, contains some obligatory swearing, with self censorship.] Although certain beauty products may work well for some, for others, they misbehave and get binned off pretty pronto. Like me. 

This is a quick rundown of some of the beauty products I've tried out this year which have failed me. Don't take it personally if any of your fave products are the ones I'm about to call sh*t; the beauty about beauty products is that everyone has a different opinion and experience with them :}

The Blue Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner
Even though I love the smell of this stuff, it leaves this proper weird film on my hair and makes me feel like I've just rubbed my hair in a chin pan. Greasy Gladys.

Zac Posen for Mac Mascara
I mentioned this stuff in my most recent Mac Haul post; and it hasn't grown on me any more since, really. Granted, I ordered this particular product cos it was the cheapest option  on Mac's site [probably for this reason] but at £16, that ain't cheap. It's flakey and a bit dry - but somehow manages to pure smudge everywhere. Three great qualities there [pause naaat.]

Collection Black Liquid Eyeliner
I used to love this shiz as an angst ridden teen [probs cos of the price, in all honesty] but when I picked some of this up recently, I found it super hard to apply, somewhat scratchy and to have quite a poor colour pay off. 

Younique Mascara
I've mentioned this before, but I personally think these fibre lash mascaras are a load of bollocks. Using this stuff made me look like a thousand baby spiders were taking a nap on my lashes. And then later, dozing off around my eyes, in my eyes and on my cheeks. The LVL lash treatment I had done at Bloom recently has given me much better results; semi-permanently and without those frigging fibres!!

Parlor by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt Spray 
I got this in an old Birchbox and loved the way it smelt. I decided to spray some of this on my hair one day, before fishtail plaiting it. You know, for that highly desirable, textured boho look? Well unfortunately, just a few spritzes of this stuff gave me anything but that - I looked like a frigging scarecrow and my hair felt like breadsticks. 

NYX Contouring & Highlighting Wonder Stick
Maybe I just picked up the wrong shade of this stuff, I dunno. Contouring with this beast left me with muddy streaks all over my face after a couple of hours; like I'd just casually nipped out into a puddle in the street and painted myself with it. I actually had to wash my face in the office toilet once because of this situation. Wonderstick my arse - ain't nothing wonderful about it.

Barry M Setting Spray, Dewy Finish
From the get go, my experience with this product wasn't great. Or even intentional. I originally ordered the Matte Finish spray, only to be sent this dewy beast in error. I thought I'd try it anyway, as a] BE ARSED sending it back and b] I'd heard some pretty good reviews. Unfortunately, when you have a bit of an oily fod situation like me, dewy actually means SUPER SHINY MEGA SHINE and the oil on your face will gleam in all bright light sources, melting off your makeup via facial oil slicks. Mortifying.


Which products have betrayed you recently? Have you had similar experiences with any of these bad boys, or have you been lucky enough to get along with them?

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