Hey gang! Today's collaborative post is all about SHOES! Yaaaaas! My Dad is horrified by the amount of pairs collaboratively owned by the gals in the family... but a sexy pair of heels are just too fit to resist sometimes, amiright? Everyone wants a pair of highly coveted red-soles in their closet. And as I totes can't afford that lifestyle, hoarding bargain alternatives is the next best thing. In bulk. In every colour. K?

The icing on the cake in some of the outfits we put together for blogger shoots, hot dates & head-turning outfits for nights out with the girls is often down the the shoes. Their importance shouldn't be overlooked. From practicality, to style or for specific purposes; no item of clothing has quite the same versatility as the shoe. Which is why a good pair may often set us back a bit in the coin department, but should potench last for years. I'm here today to help you wear your shoes better, and make the right choices when it comes to choosing them in the first place.


Whilst shoes aren’t always designed to be comfortable as their main goal [we've aaaaall got dem platforms that pretty much slice our toes to ribbon, but look hot AF] it’s important to prioritise it to some degree. If you’re unable to walk with a comfortable, confident stride; you'll end up discrediting your heels and not looking your best whilst wearing them. We all know that feeling of hitting the dancefloor for a few hours, only to have to leave as our feet feel like they've been diced up by the devil. Style and comfort can be balanced; but only if you’re wise about your purchasing decisions. 

To find the most comfy pair you can, you've gotta make sure that they fit correctly. Ill-fitting shoes are one of the worst enemies of comfort and / or life. If it's not your size, don't try and compromise; queens. Head to professional outlets such as this shoe site to find the most beautiful options available in your size and to experiment with styles.

If you’re unable to walk at least half a day in a pair of shoes with comfort, you should consider getting a more friendly pair. Your toes should always have wriggle room, and breathable space. After all, what good is looking hot AF if you feel friggin' terrible in the process?


No matter how madly you've sworn, how many plazzy insoles you've sacrificed and how desperate the battle feels sometimes remember that there will always be a style out there for you. somewhere.

It might be that you’ve always favoured heels, but perhaps sandals or boots could ensure you look every bit as fit but just feel a million times better to wear. Consider colour & shape - and fit that to the contours of your leg. There will always be a dream pair of shoes out there for you, or a designer you truly fall in love with. Just keep shopping, queens!

Arch Support

If you aren’t flat-footed, you might need some form of arch support to help you achieve your comfort goals. Never assume that flats are superior to a more raised platform - as sometimes, a flat style [or GOD FORBID, a kitten heel!] may feel every bit as agonising. Whatever helps support your feet will help you walk more comfortably. You’ll be able to tell how supported you are, because your feet will naturally conform to the shape of the shoe. 


Certain shoes are built to meet certain demands. They are the most practical item of your wardrobe, but only if you let them be. Dressing for the occasion is important - sometimes, style has to take a back-seat in favour of comfort. A gal should have a few pairs of shoes for complete versatility [someone let me Dad know this, pls]  Sandals, pumps, flats and sportswear typically make the best footwear for daily use, provided they have some form of support. Hiking boots are of course required for long-term walks, and heels can help you add the finishing touches to that outfit. Naturally, if you're sporty; trainers and purpose designed footwear is necessary to aid your performance & keep you safe.

Take Care

Although keeping up with footwear fashion trends and sporting the sassiest heels you can find is all fun and games [and leaves you looking haaaaaawt], you've gotta bear in mind that foot problems do exist - and where they might not affect you now, they could in the future. Plus, we all know we turn a little bit Bambi after a few bevs.. and it only takes one false move, badly placed bag or hidden grid to have a fall and damage muscles / bones. Which is NO laughing matter, I'll tell you that for free.

Take care of your shoes and your feet. They are there to protect you and give you stability. Safety first, fashion second. Everytime.


Well fitting shoes are important, of course. But how can you be sure you have the best fitting one for your trotters' needs? A top tip would be to always try two to three sizes of the same shoe before you make your purchasing decision. Sometimes the difference between the design sizes of a certain shoe can be very subtle, but going up or down a size can make all the difference in the world

If you can, head to a store that offers a custom shoe fitting service. You might even be able to tailor your old shoes to a slightly larger size, in some places. Naturally,  this won’t affect the bottom sole of a shoe, but it might open up the surrounding ‘cover’ if your foot has grown or swollen in some way.

Budget & Choose Quality

Shoes can get expensive. Like, pureeeee expensive. If you’re not prepared for and aware of this, it’s easy to feed your shoe addiction by purchasing way over the odds. It’s always important to make sure you have quality pairs over quantity in the show game. 

For every three bad shoes you buy, investing in a quality pair would have given you one amazing and durable shoe, worth ten of the ones you were previously considering. Stick to brands you trust, befriend the retailer and improve your shoe knowledge to make wise purchasing decisions each time.

Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to stock [and restock, again and again] your shoe-drobe with a wide variety of expert picked whilst fit AF purchases.

What are your top footwear tips? Do you have a fave pair of shoes?
*Collaborative post
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