Alright, gang! Today's collaborative post is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin - a list of a few must-have fashion and beauty items. I'd say most of these things are girly essentials that most of you gals will already possess in yo lives - but why not have a read through and see how many you own off this list [not-so-subtle plug] and whether you agree.

Natural Foundation

I dunno about you bbz, but I pretty much swear by foundation. It's a crucial part in my daily beauty routine; to mask the utter sh*t-show that is my face. It doesn’t matter where I’m going... if I feel the need to wear makeup, you can bet some foundation is getting slapped on. And probs some false lashes, cos that's just me.

I’ve said ‘natural’ foundation as it’s defo best to choose one that suits your natural skin tone. We've all seen those urm, mis-matched, orange tideline situations in life [hell, I probably repped a few myself as a teen!] so it's proper important that it matches your skin without anybody really being any wiser. 

Foundation has made it into the list of must-haves, cos it's a product which makes me feel much more confident in myself - and is totally something you can put on when you don’t really want to bother with anything else. Just a subtle bit of foundation to cover any blemishes or spots, and BOOM; you’re good to go. 

Facial Cleanser

It’s not really makeup, but hey... this is a list of fashion and beauty products, and this certainly falls into the latter category. Facial cleanser is pretty much part of everyone's daily routine. Well, make that slightly less than daily for me, cos I'm a lazy-ass tramp - but it should be - cos my skin is no doubt missing out on a ton of goodness.

The idea of a cleanser is to - you guessed it - cleanse your skin. It gets deep into your pores and unclogs them, ensuring yo face is nice and fresh. As a result of not being a totes lazy-ass, you should see fewer breakouts and clearer skin in general thanks to a good old cleansing sesh. This also means that your skin will be less oily, making it easier for your makeup to stay on all day. And you'll have fewer spots appearing, meaning fewer things to try and cover up... meaning you can use less makeup and save money! Yesssss to budget beauty.

One GREAT Red Lippy

Even if you’re not much of a lipstick wearer, every gal needs that one, feel-good shade of red lippy in your makeup stash. It’s a go-to, statement bitta makeup for when you wanna go bold and turn a few heads / break a few hearts. Red lipstick is also a great shout if you’re on a date and you’re ready to start dropping hints that a cheeky neck is almost certainly on the cards tonight. It can help bring together an outfit too, boosts your confidence and is totally just a feel-good thing to wear. 

A Maxi Dress

There’s simply no end to what you can do with a maxi dress.  As a tall b*stard, I swear by them tbh, as they actually suit my whopping great height. They’re the type of dress that’s perfect for almost every occasion. In the summer, they’re great to wear to the beach, shopping, grabbing a few casual drinks or to a BBQ. In the winter, they make fantastic choices -like these glam Australian cocktail dresses - when they're dressed up with accessories and sophisticated makeup. The main thing I love about them is that they can be very complimentary of your figure, without it looking like you’re trying too hard. They’re not skin tight and uncomfortable; they fit nicely - and you feel comfy and relaxed while wearing one. It’s a dress that’s fit for all seasons and one which defo deserves a spot in your wardrobe. 

A Simple White Tee

You can’t really go wrong with a simple white t-shirt. It might not be as adventurous or beautiful as other trends, but it’s arguably better in many ways. Need to get dressed quickly to go to the shop? Throw on a white tee. Want to wear something to laze around the house in? Throw on a white tee. Looking for something to wear underneath a nice black jacket? Throw on a flipping white tee. You get the idea, it’s the Jack of all trades, the thing you can always count on to help you out in a tough fashion situation. Not to mention the fact that it’s an item which you can normally pick up for cheap as chips.

A Good Pair Of Jeans

Everyone needs a pair of jeans they can rely on in every situation. A pair of jeans you’ll wear every day, as part of multiple different outfits. Black or light blue jeans are a great shout, as they go with almost everything. They're easy to style, easy to dress up or down and a timeless piece of fashion - definitely worth the splurge!

If you’ve got all six of these things, then you’ll probably never have to worry about putting together an outfit or doing your makeup. Life goals = attained.

What are your top 6 must-have fashion & beauty items?
*Collaborative post
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