I've raved about this shiz before, but here's a quick reminder that there is no time of the year better than the present to pick up a bottle of this Skinny Tan gradual tanning lotion. Seriously

It's Winter, it's GRIM [you can recap on why I hate the colder months of the year here] and if you're anything like me, your skin will have been covered up for weeks in feeble attempts to keep warm - and as a result of said imprisonment, will be a bit lot on the pasty side of life. I look like the walking dead crossed with a cave troll. With a side order of middle earth dwelling tossed in the mix for grim measure.

Skinny Tan Body Glow Gradual Moisturiser in Medium, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I love this Body Glow* from Skinny Tan's collection because of how easy it is to use. It's, in essence, a tinted moisturiser. It doesn't smell like those tinted moisturisers of yore [lol remember how bad old school Holiday Skin used to stink?] and when you put it on, it develops naturally and gradually - so you won't end up with mad streaks or a terrifying Donald Trump orange / terracotta exterior. It's a great shout for those of you new to the tanning game and a little nervous of resembling a walking orange peel - and for us seasoned tanners, it's a great way of keeping ya levels of bronze up inbetween Fake Tan Fridays

Skinny Tan Body Glow Gradual Moisturiser in Medium, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Skinny Tan Body Glow comes in shades Light and Medium [so maybe kick off losing your tanning v-plates using Light, if you're a bit nervous] and this whopping huge bottle costs just £7.99. Not only does it take the edge off Winter by giving your complexion a glow, it's also an excellent daily moisturiser; helping keep your skin nourished during the colder months - as well as preventing us from looking like Golem from Lord Of The Rings [or Dobby, if you're a Potterhead.] It's vegan, cruelty free and packed full of goodness too - so you can feel as good as you look; pampering your skin safe in the knowledge that no fluffy pets were harmed during its production. Yaaaaaaas Skinny Tan!

Skinny Tan Body Glow Gradual Moisturiser in Medium, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Have you tried any products from this brand before? What's your Number 1 fake tanning tip? Or your worst fake tan fail story?
*This post contains gifted items, but all opinions and comparisons to mythical, ancient creatures are 100% me & my own. As with all posts on this blog, sometimes affiliate links may be used. See my disclaimer for more deets xo
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