Self confidence is something a lot of [if not the majority of] people struggle with. I have a wobble sometimes - my new found beer belly, crappy box dyed hair looking a mad shade in the lift lighting or wondering whether the people in my office building even like me... or just think I'm a mad sket constantly trying to scav free pizza [also true.] 

These self doubts can be brought about by a number of reasons - low self esteem, anxiety, depression, shyness, a loss of belief in yourself or just feeling like a proper bad minger; which is how I spend 99% of my time. And that's just a few potential reasons why - I could elaborate [but I won't, cos I know I ramble like a madman sometimes.]

This collaborative post looks at a couple of suggestions that might help you, if you're struggling to break out of your mould / society's moulds [damn preconceived ideas and shiz.] 

Always let yourself smile; it’ll make your brain like the look of you more! [image source]

Ask Yourself... 'What’s So Bad?'
If you’re constantly finding yourself in situations that causes your panic to go into overdrive [for some people - this may be triggers such as crowds, unfamiliar places or people who dress / act differently] you may find yourself less willing to head outside socially or enjoy wearing outfits you used to love. 

A top tip to counteract these feelings is to ask yourself, when those bad feelings kick in, ‘What’s so bad here?’ If you can’t come up with an answer, or the answer is simply ‘I don’t look like that other person or dress like them, either’ you can learn to tell yourself everything is okay

This method is something a lot of doctors will recommend to ease the symptoms of anxiety people come to them with - but it's a simple method that works in many situations; and can help get you through otherwise stressful situations. Do it right now if you’re cynical that this method could work; it can, and it will if you let it! 

Shape Your Clothes & Show Off Ya Best Bits
Sometimes it’s a comfort to wear that swing dress that doesn’t show off any of the curves underneath - or, my number one low confidence hider... that giant tshirt that hides every inch of my existance... but hiding yo fiiiiiiine ass isn’t going to help tackle the underlying issue. Adding a simple belt, necklace or accessory to your OOTD can accentuate ya best bits rather than hide them away. And leggings / tights are great to show off yet cover ya pins if you're a bit conscious of whacking yer legs out at the office.

Sometimes, a little helping hand in gaining that extra confidence [e.g. a new hair style, change in lippy colour, new perfume or gym membership] can really boost your self esteem. And there's nothing wrong with that. I wrote recently about a fat freezing and body contouring treatment I tried to help boost my self esteem following weight gain post surgery - and whilst this might not be for everyone, it is okay to talk about these kinda treatments & book yourself in; if you think it'll help you physically and mentally. You’re by no means betraying your own sense of self if you decide to go down this route queens  - so if you need to know more about what to expect if you think a clinical treatment might be for you, whack that link to read more about my experience!

Your own brand of confidence might be different to someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important! Let you be you, and never apologise for it! You’re not the only one who suffers from moments of low self confidence; and sometimes remembering that can really help you out there. 

*Collaborative post
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