I'm not that confident when it comes to whacking me bod out in front of other humans. Thankfully though, no males want to bang me & I'm too poor to afford a holiday; so I'm not too much at risk of this right now; hahahahahaa *cries*

Since the accident, all the operations and the year I've spent bedbound; I've gained a load of weight and my body has changed a lot. In some ways this is great - I'm a healthier weight now and as with all weight gain, some of it has gone to my jugs & they've grown at least 2 cup sizes [yassssss to my lil rack finally getting its glow up.] But mostly, I'm a lot more self conscious of how I look now; particularly around the stomach & hips - my problem areas.

A lot of gals rock the plus size life with their cute bellies, stretch marks and glorious chebs - and I envy them and their self confidence. My weight gain has purely gone on my body - causing me to feel really self conscious of my new 'ball on legs' status. This is my second time in 3 years of going through major surgeries & having to learn to walk again [yay life, ur doing gr8 hun xoxo] - so I'm no stranger to the massive downsurge in self confidence and muscle tone cracking ya hip off brings about

One thing I did try a few years ago [before everything went wrong  - AGAIN - and I ended up bedbound, in agonising pain, near death and 3 or 4 operations down - was a course of non-surgical fat freezing treatment on my belly [in a small clinic just outside Liverpool.] I actually found that this - plus the healthier eating & increasing my intake of water each day I was encouraged to partake in,  worked well for me; and I was able to enjoy my holiday & feel more self-confident in my skin post-treatment. Today's post is a lil collaboration with Pulse Light Clinic; who are based in London, focussing on their CoolSculpting non-surgical Fat Freezing treatment* and why they're a great choice of clinic for those around London, interested in the results & some of the benefits [both physically and mentally] this treatment can leave you with.

What is it?
CoolSculpting uses the fat freezing technology of Cryolipolysis to literally freeze pockets of fat and help they body get rid of these stubborn cells quicker. Fat-freezing is an effective method of eliminating fat cells without the need for surgery or needles - and with no harm done to surrounding tissue and skin. I can vouch for this - it can be a strange sensation at first, but there are zero needles or blood / guts.

Where can I have it?
The recommended areas to have a CoolSculpting treatment are as follows. 'CoolSculpting is FDA approved for the treatment of fat bulges in the thighs, under the chin, on the belly, back, love handles and under the bum.'

CoolSculpting is not suitable for treating obesity.

How long does it take?
When you go for ya treatment, the CoolSculpting pack will be placed over the area of fat to be treated and left for one hour. [treatment time will vary depending on the size of the area being treated.]

During this time you can catch up on ya social media scrolling, have a nap or read a gossip magazine. Whatever floats ya boat! While you relax, fat is being frozen; causing fat cells to die. The body’s natural processes then flush out the dead cells, removing them from the area and eventually the entire body. So drink lots of water post-treatment, folks!

What results will I see?
An average of about 20% fat reduction is seen per treatment; with more than one treatment is recommended to see optimum results. The final results are fully visible within 2-3 months, as the body uses this time to flush away the dead fat cells.

These results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Where is the clinic, and how do I contact them?
CoolSculpting is only available at Pulse Light Clinic Bank - call them on 0207 523 5158 or book your consultation online. Their address is 1st Floor Peek House, 20 East Cheap, London EC3M 1EB

I had my treatment done on my stomach; as it was the hardest area for me to tone [no matter how many sit-ups I attempted] and the part of my body I felt most self conscious about. After my course of treatment was over; I felt much better about my beer belly situation - plus, another benefit I found of facing my fears and wapping my stomach out for a stranger, was that it really encouraged me to drink lots of water, change my diet to a more healthy one and stay active in between sessions. The before photo she took of me was not attractive. Legit looked like Homer Simpson.

I felt like there were results, definitely, when the treatment was over. My stomach was smaller and firmer; and my bikinis all fitted me by the time I went away. The whole experience - which was never intended to perform miracles and couldn't totally transform my body made me feel a million times more accepting and comfortable in my own skin; as well as helping me see what good effects eating better, submerging my system in H20 and exercising can have on my physical & mental health. And for that alone, it was worth it.

Have you ever had a treatment like this, or would you consider it? Let me know in the comments below - and definitely get involved with the Pulse Light Clinic's free consultation offer if you're thinking of taking this plan further.
*Sponsored post, but opinions on my treatment and horrendous life experiences are totes my own xo
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