Until recently, I was a fool & totes believed that having oily skin [legit, mine is even shinier than Kimmy K's bum cleav in those photos] meant I couldn't use facial oil. After all, if I was trying to reduce my levels of full on gleamingly-bright oil [shout out to ma t-zone] ... then surely applying more oil to it as part of my skincare regime would worsen the problem?

The answer to this question, I have discovered, is a resounding no, you tit - facial oils can actually be an incredibly useful tool in refining, controlling & moisturising your skin; and are actually recommended as part of every shiny sister's beauty regime. To keep our collective sweat in check. Yum

Lovelaughslipstick Blog- Facial Oil Routine

I've recently started actually making an effort with my skin & have [mostly] swapped the makeup wipes for legit grown-up people's cleansers, toners, exfoliants, serums and creams. My bath rack is crammed full of lotions & potions to try and keep the rancid hell that is my face under control. Yes, often I find myself having a right good moan when it's midnight, I'm 89% dead and cannot summon the energy to turn the light off; let alone perform a three step double cleansing routine. But I've really seen & felt a difference in my skin since investing more time in it - and as I've heard a lot of more sensible people than me say; your skin is forever, and you only get the skin you're in. If I mess this one up, there's no going back.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've been collecting cleansing oils, refining oils, hydrating oils and sebum regulating oils of late & working them into my morning and evening beauty rituals. Facial oil has massively helped ma giant face better seal in moisture & deeply nourish the skin, meaning my makeup sits better & [marginally] less small children are left traumatised by my mug. It's also left my skin feeling much softer and more supple. And as I'm getting old AF, I am very thankful for this.

Sometimes, I'll mix in a light oil with my foundation of a morning and blend it right in with a sponge. I've seen the hot girls of Instagram do this and yeno, I'd rly love my face to look more like theirs than mine. I more typically however, will cleanse my face, close my pores with a refining toner and then go cray with my facial oil collection; following this up later with a light moisturiser or day cream. This again will depend on what the kind of oil is I'm using - I have some cleansing stuff which I'll use before anything else; but most of the time, the oils I use are best applied before bed - so my skin can soak in all their goodness whilst I sleep. And yous all know I like a good lie-in.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Contrary to my initial concerns, embracing facial oil and smothering my giant moonhead & life in it hasn't contributed to or worsened my problematic t-zone situation. It's shrunken my pores, brightened my skin, brought about a subtle glow and given ma face elasticity & suppleness; removing the kinda grey tinge I had going on. There's some really great products on the market at the moment - and I'll be featuring a fair few in upcoming blog posts. But for now, make sure you check out Ané's collection - their Glow in a Bottle Facial Oil is definitely one of my next must-have products to try out! I'm a convert!!
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