It’s finally Summer, my fav thing in the whole world... and with that & the Summer holidays, comes a longggg list of social meetups & event invites. It is wedding season, afterall - gotta get dem pics for the gram; blue skies & sunny days make for some cracking shots! If you're the one tasked with organised said Summer event, you'll be well aware by now that planning & prep is key... and if you're planning a whooooole friggin' wedding then... well, hun, you'll most likely need to start planning a couple of years before the big day.

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Weddings can, as we've all seen on 'Don't Tell The Bride' have a tendency to be pretty expensive & difficult to budget for; so saving as much as you can leading up to the event will defo help. No matter how much you save; unless you're pure minted, you're most likely going to consider borrowing money or popping a few bits on ya credit card... cos these are harsh milennial, post-credit crunch, pre-Brexit times. And, unlike me, if your credit rating is dece, you'll prob do this without a hitch and go on to get hitched. However if, like me, your credit rating is so low it's pretty much festering inside middle earth, you could repair an equifax dispute so you can secure better deals on loans to help you get by.

I'm one of them 'leave everything till the last minute, yolo' kinda people. But I guess when it comes to it, the earlier you start to plan your wedding, the better. Make sure you get clued up on all regulations and stuff too, depending on what you have planned. Large weddings may be affected by local regulations and if you're planning fireworks or music, you'll totes need to get dat permish.

Book early
Wedding venues can book up yearsssss ahead of ya big day; so research where you want to hold your wedding early. Not forgetting to bag a venue appropriate enough in size for the number of people you're going to invite. Ie you'll need enough space to ensure your guests are comfortable, but not so much space that the guests get lost, or that makes ya wedding photies look dead empty, like you've got no mates! Take photographs and measurements. The photographs will help you to imagine how everything will look on the big day.

If you're booking a band or DJ, it is likely that they will need access to power for their equipment and all weather protection. Allow space for a dance floor and arrange tables accordingly. Cos y'all know Great Aunt Mavis has got dem moves like JaggerIf you have young children attending the wedding, provide some kind of entertainment to occupy them. You could even hire a nanny to look after children during the ceremony. I mean, you don't have to, but weddings are boring as sh*t to young kids who have no idea what's going on. You don't want all ya pics photobombed by baby Jeff screaming and doing mad sh*tes in the background!

What food is gonna be served at your wedding? Will there be cheese? Will you serve canapes with drinks, a sit down meal and a night buffet? Consider where in the venue you will serve the food and if you're planning food outside, you'll totes need a cover hun. 

When you choose a caterer, defo ask for samples of their menus and if you can taste / 'sample' some of their creations - all the better! Free food all in the purpose of research, can I get a HELL YEAH! Ensure vegetarians in your party are catered for with the food and identify allergies amongst the party. Cos you don't want anyone swelling up like a balloon and stealing ya limelight!!

Most venues for weddings provide toilets, but if you're planning an outside event, don't forget to consider hiring toilet facilities such as portaloos. Ensure they are situated near lighting. Dear God.

And the rest! ...
Organising a wedding is not easy. You've seen the mini breakdowns the grooms have on 'Don't Tell The Bride.' But I guess as long as you've booked the venue & organised ya catering [and portable bogs] early; you can relax a little and concentrate on everything else. You'll need to decide on a theme or colour scheme for your wedding for example, which may be a little more fun and a little less stressful than trying to book ya dream venue with a 'very poor' credit rating & Uncle Jim kicking off over the dates.

Have fun!

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