Well, this news has got me a bit excited! Candy Coat, the nail & beauty brand I religiously stalk on Instagram, have just released a whooooooole lotta new & highly pigmented matte, glossy, vibrant 'n' poppin' lip colours. Yaaaaas

First established in 2015, Candy Coat are probs best known for their beauty range of gel nail polishes; available in a wide variety of colours & textures. They've gone from strength to strength popularity-wise since their early days... so they've since made the very exciting decision to launch into beauty & cosmetics; with their sassy AF shade range oozing pure style and confidence.

New Candy Coat Lip Candy Lips Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
New Candy Coat Lip Candy Lips Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

As I was saying, anyway. Known for their playful array of cute nail colours, Candy Coat have expanded their highly sought after shades into the highly anticipated Lip Candy Collection... and I can't cope. All cruelty free too, I must add. I also need to add that the more I look at Louise & Tamara lippy shades, the less I can cope. HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY, pls?!

The full collection of Lip Candy baes consists of 18 gorgeous shades; ranging from corals & nudes right through to crimsons & magentas. Their formulas are nourishing, luxurious & ded pigmented; ensuring that whichever shade you opt for from the collection, you know it's gonna last ya all day / night without losing its lustre.

New Candy Coat Lip Candy Lips Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[this shade is Lyla btw, and I can't deal with her intense beauty 😍]

Each gloss and matte finish Lip Candy is named with a beaut girl's name [honestly, if I was preggo with a lil queen I'd defo be scouting this list of names for inspo] which personalises each of the 18 lippies perfectly. The rose-tinted shade named Harper, the bright & fierce vibrancy of red shade Ava and the pinky-nude tones of Angel are hotly tipped to become just three bestsellers from the collection this year. And they're only £8 each *adds about 34 to cart*

Sweet-smelling with a buttercream vanilla scent [good enough to eat], both the gloss & matte finishes of these beautiful Lip Candy babes are creamy & velvety texture-wise; for smooth and professional application. They dry like a dreamboat, without any bleeding or cracking; just professional colour pay-off & ded kissable lips.

Not being dramatic [okay I am cos that's just who I am] but I think you need them all hun. I know I sure do.
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