Although I'm about as likely to get engaged this year as pigs learning to fly, buying their first family home & securing a place on the property ladder [out of my own choice too, like, I have said on multiple occasions if sort-of-bae asked me to marry him I'd say no] there's undeniably something a bit magical and romantic about being wooed in winter. Albeit bloody cold.

In a survey undertaken in 2016, which was put to a panel of 10,000 people, it was revealed that Christmas Eve is actually the most popular day of the year to be proposed to on. Which is sorta cute, like, even I can admit that. People voted for this day of the year because they felt it's 'magical', 'memorable' and a time of family; when everyone's all together. They also voted in favour of being proposed to in the weekends in the run up to Christmas

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As well as being a time for family; couples & those who tolerate each other romantically quite often decide to take a lil romantic break away to make the most of the festive atmosphere around Christmas

Some people take their baes to visit far out family you don't get to see that often, some go mad in the Christmas Markets and others just think YOLO [me] & book somewhere hot to escape this grim AF winter weather for a bit. Others seem to enjoy the chill & the romance that said freezin'ell brings about. A top tip, if this sounds like you, is to stock up on & learn about herbs for flu season; to keep you healthy on your romantic quest.

If you're travelling with ya bae this Christmas, where would your favourite backdrop for a proposal be? Angelic Diamonds reveal their most popular romantic hotspots...

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Petřín Hill, Prague 

I'VE JUST REALISED my friend & her fella are going to Prague next week and omg, what if this is the reason why?! I typically associate Prague with stag dos [which is why sort-of-bae became sort-of-bae, as he decided to go to Prague on a stag do on the weekend of my birthday & only told me two days before because I asked what he had planned]... but there are several other sights to enjoy in Prague outside of the pub; one of these being Petřín Hill.

This particular hotspot is located in the middle of beautiful gardens [no wonder it's a top pick for popping the question]; accessible via a funicular which takes you right to the top, departing from Ujezd Street in the Malá Strana. Once you're at the top, you'll find a dead cute observation tower [designed to be like a mini Eiffel Tower a la Paris vibes] where, after climbing 299 steps, you'll be rewarded with 360-degree views. 

Defo a proposable location that - there, in any of the beautiful gardens or perhaps in one of the surrounding romantic restaurants; such as Nebozizek; which overlooks the Old Town, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Vltava River. What a view!

Los Bunkers del Carmel, Barcelona 

I've still never been to Barca, despite so many people singing its praises to me. Los Bunkers del Carmel is a lesser known area of the city; now considered a viewing platform by many - but it's packed full of history & character, thanks to its past of being part of the anti-aircraft battery used during the Spanish Civil War.

Popping the question up here requires a bit of effort, and may earn you some brownie points from ya bae when you finally make it. There's no direct transport that takes you right to the top. You'd have to instead look at getting the metro to Alfons X & walking approx 30 minutes... or getting the bus from the city centre which takes you closer to the top & doing a shorter 10 minute stroll. 

The views from the top are reportedly the most romantic at sunrise... but if you're like me and not a morning person in the slightest, you can head up for sunset instead. With a panoramic view of the city behind you, pop the question to your other half & make it a moment to remember. If you wanna see more, here's a few cheeky snaps from a wedding photographer who captured one example of this beautiful moment [here.] 

If this doesn't float your boat, Los Bunkers del Carmel isn't too far from the good old Christmas markets. The Fira de Santa Llúcia markets around the Gothic cathedral are pretty close to the city centre - and the Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Familia is also close-by, where you can enjoy the unfinished Catholic church designed by Antoni Gaudí

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Mont Chèry, Val d’Isère, France

I mean, I'm like Buzz Killington, and defo not the adventurous kind - but if you're more of a fun couple, skiing makes a totes exciting winter holiday. With an extra-long season from the end of November to the first week of May, Val D’Isère is a popular choice. Regardless of whether you're a proper master-skiier or a walking disaster; there are pistes [slopes, for people like me who don't ski / won't ski] for all abilities & if all else fails, jib the skis and down the Jager in La Folie Douce [the famous après-ski bar.]

You're gonna always pretty much be near a mountain or equally jaw-dropping views surrounded by slopes, crisp white backgrounds & wood cabins... but if for your proposal you fancy going somewhere not quite as frabs, there are some fab restaurants & bars close by to enjoy. Another top tip, if you're planning on travelling somewhere a bit cold in the UK or Europe this winter, is to stock up and learn about herbs for flu season.

One great shout is La Grande Ourse, a restaurant situated on Mont Chèry. This lil slice of luxury offers an authentic fine-dining experience, where you'll get your own personal chauffeur to take you up the mountain in a Kassböhrer [specialised snow trailer.] Here, you'll be met with views from an altitude of 1725m & scrummy 5 star food; the perf location to get down on one knee. 

Grotta Lighthouse, Reykjavik 

I'm massively intrigued by Reykjavik; mostly as I've seen it on  old-school Geordie Shore. No further explanation needed rly! Tourism has pure blossomed in this Icelandic town over the past few years; it's the perfect place for you and ya boo to enjoy both stunning scenery & bangin' bevvys in the local bars.

If you're talking memorable backdrops to frame your dream proposal, you can't rly get better than the northern lights, visible from Iceland, can ya? They say that the best time to take a trip to witness the northern light fitness is probs from October - March when the sky is clearer - so they should be beautifully visible around Christmas.  

You don't need to specially book an excursion to see the northern lights - you can quite often witness them in full flow over the Grotta Lighthouse; situated outside of downtown Reykjavic. You can walk here, but as it can be pretty nippy, a hire car might be a better idea. Imagine being proposed to with the beautiful northern lights pure dancing behind you? I think even I'd say yes to that, like.

There's loads of activities to enjoy in Reykjavic - grab a 20 minute ride on a bus along to Hafnarfjörður if you're feeling festive, to enjoy the Christmas village; complete with handicrafts and live music. 

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The Dome, Victoria Square, Belfast 

Finally, let's have a look at a proposal hotspot a little closer to home. The Belfast Christmas Markets in City Hall are a beautifully festive event perfect to explore with ya bae. For that impressive proposal spot, why not head to Victoria Square in the city centre; where you'll find The Dome. Popping the question here puts you against a 360-degree backdrop of Belfast; perfectly showcasing some of Ireland's stunning architecture; such as the Prince Albert Clock and Scrabo Tower.

You don’t need to travel far to find amazing views in Ireland. Head to the northern coast to cross the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge with your boo - or together, why not retrace the steps of a giant at the causeway. The Dark Hedges are close too - which are a romantic passageway of intertwined trees planted in the 18th century - and recently featured on Game of Thrones. I'd make a GoT related pun here but I haven't actually ever watched it.

And on that shocking note, I think that's a wrap! Have you been proposed to in a beautiful location you'd like to share? Or are you planning on popping the question to your bae this Christmas and have been inspired by any of these suggestions? 

Defo hit up ma comments box & let me know!
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