I don't know what it is about the colder months, but I always get pure inspired to get my DIY on & have a proper clear-out around this time of year. There's so much I wanna do to my gaff ahead of Christmas & New Year - in terms of home improvements, lil upgrades, new bits of furniture, painting the walls, sourcing new home fragrance options, new carpets... basically, COLOSSAL urges to do and buy even more things I can't afford. Standard.

Does anybody else get like this? Maybe it's cos when the weather gets grim, the winter sets in & I don't leave the house as much; I see the insides of me gaff more and wanna make it nicer / cosier for nights in. 

Maybe it's cos of all the Black Friday / Cyber Week offers that hit down in end-of-November-town. Maybe it's just because I can't stop shopping and 110% have a problem I'm refusing to address or acknowledge. 

And there's a definite possibility this urge has something to do with the sudden change of colours, trends, materials and accessories in the homeware dept. All those maroons, golds & rich mahogany shades need to get in ma life with immediate effect.

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I got REALLY tempted by homeware the other day after visiting Morrison's in a place near Chester called Bache. My friend & I had afternoon tea in a hotel there [which I'll be covering on me blog soon] and ended up wandering in on our journey home. The aisles were FULL of some of the most gorgeous throws, bedding, rugs etc - with photoframes, vases, jewellery boxes and little glass jars with artificial peonies in. THE DREAM. And a catalyst I didn't rly need at the time to totally replan my home interiors to match the accessories I was weeping over. So I tried to resist it all as best as I could.

BUT then when I turned the corner, after strongly resisting the mug section [but after picking up a marble wall plaque & a pink notebook, cos yolo] - BOOM. Christmas aisle in da house. And the festive homeware & decorations broke me. I don't even rly like this time of year that much, but all of a sudden I was internally planning colour schemes, feature walls and festive features like I was on bloody Changing Rooms or something. Miss you Handy Andy hun xo

Morrison's Christmas Snowglobe, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Morrison's Christmas Decorations, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

How cute are these bits pls?! I 100% broke at this stage - forgetting that I'm actually The Grinch - & snapped a few bits up, which I showed on my Instagram stories. Although said spontaneous purchases might only be teeny tiny pieces in the grand scheme of things; they've definitely set my mind off into overdrive thinking about how I can incorporate more into my current home decor & ways I can make some improvements to my set up on-the-cheap.

Whether you're thinking small changes [like a new photo for the living room wall or a shower curtain for the bathroom] or have bigger plans in mind; like knocking a wall in to create a walk-in wardrobe or getting replacement aluminium windows... this time of year is a fantastic time to bite the bullet, get sh*t done & potentially save a ton of moola in all the sale events Christmas brings about.

Keep your eyes peeled for special offers - I'll be tweeting and posting about some of the best Black Friday, Cyber Week & Boxing Day Sales bargains I spot too; so if you're feeling a bit spendy, I'm totally here to validate that xox

Do you have any home improvement projects planned?
*Collaborative post, but all opinions and experiences detailed are very much my own
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