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I firmly believe that a boyfriend is for life [well, at least for a while, before you potentially get sick of them] and not just for Christmas. This time of year is filled with stacks of pressure to be with ya bae; leading to some singletons pure pining for someone to share gifts with, neck under the mistletoe and cuddle up to to keep warm. And I can understand that, yeno.

I rly hate Autumn / Winter in terms of how bloody cold and NOT SUMMER this time of year is [something I raged about in this post] BUT I have to say; this time of year is really special when it comes to dating or meeting someone new

I don't know why - but when I think back to my last long term relationship, or of this boy I started dating around Christmas whilst I was in uni; my memories of these times are just filled with so much nostalgia & specialness. Even though I don't speak to either of them now. It's almost enough to make me wanna pick up dating again, since my slightly turd bae stopped speaking to me and I haven't seen him since May. REAL MATURE, M8.

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I couldn't explain why I seem to fall for people so much harder during the festive season. I rly couldn't. But my last bae, who I was with for 6 years or something like that, was 100% a Christmas catch & a story that I still think fondly about; even after we've stopped speaking and haven't banged in over 2 years. Hahahahaha what is my life, pls.

I started working in the same place as him in the September, I think it was, but as a manager of a different concession / store. And it sort of went from there. Bodycon dresses and three pairs of ultra thick tights to keep warm. Lots of Costa lattes. 

We ended up speaking more at the work Christmas Party; which I went to despite being a different store within this larger department store & wasn't really that welcome there. 

Hahaha. I do love to show up and make things awks for people.

Anyway - I stayed out with a bunch of lads [including him] till about 7AM and then went back home for a nap before starting my next shift. We started to talk more after this & became Facebook friends. Fast forward to Boxing Night out in town with the girls, I bumped into him in Heebies and we had a cheeky clubneck before he came back to mine [non-sinister, there was no banging involved] ... where we chatted all night, laughed our heads off, pissed off my old flatmate and played Top Trumps: Mullet Wars Edition. The best memories.

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The next few weeks consisted of freezing cold drives in his car where the heating had broken, wintery dates and cold AF nights out where he'd have pure little jumpers on & we'd drink Jager [my choice.] I remember he professed his love for me and asked me to be his girlfriend in a HORRIBLE club, in the bleakest cold of winter, outside the men's toilets with this horrific stench of wee blasting out over our tender moment

They're all the cutest memories & make me all fuzzy inside when I recall them - something I've not experienced the same when dating in the Summer. Summer is all about cider, pub gardens and holidays with friends. The other guy I mentioned who I REALLY fell for hard whilst I was at uni was another super cute festive love story... but he doesn't deserve the airtime. But American Apparel fleece lined skirts, snow, Jager and The XX will remind me of those [cute at the time] moments forever.

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Although I'm sort of an advocate for being single at the moment [I'm working on myself, for myself, by myself and all that] I have to admit - I do love festive dating. If you're single & ready to mingle [something which I don't think I quite am, at the moment] I'd highly recommend getting out there and meeting people over the next few months; honestly, something about this time of year just hypes all your memories right up and makes every step of your dating story that lil bit more special

And this is coming from me as well, the most miserable, Scrooge-like b*stard in the land when it comes to boys, Winter AND Christmas. So it's gotta count for something.

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If you're not sure where to even look when beginning your festive love story, there's plenty of apps and websites out there to help you. Many of these being totally free dating sites as well; so you can save those hard earned pennies for Christmas gifts and nail appointments. If you're considerably less Northern than I am, checking out these dating sites in Oxfordshire might be a good shout for you, too. This Oxfordshire dating site in particular.

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Do you prefer dating in the Summer or Winter? Do you have any special memories - even if with the worst person, that have totes been heightened by this special time of year?
*Sponsored post, but all opinions, experiences and failed romantic interactions with boys are very much my own.
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