FUN FACT: I've never been on a long-haul flight - or outside of Europe. I've  frequented Greece and Turkey several times... but I've sorta not been anywhere else haha! This being said, my heart does yearn for a few more far-flung vacays - including a trip to the States - and I'm hoping 2019 is the year I can at the very least book something & start to pay it off; even if I don't travel there till 2020 😂

I have a few friends who live across the pond these days [my absolute baaaaaabe Caitlin being one of them] so it's definitely on my radar. Have you been? One state that intrigues me a LOT, whilst we're on the topic of the USA, is Florida: the Sunshine State. With the incredible Everglades on one side and the stunning Gulf of Mexico on the other, Florida ticks all the boxes.

A Florida vacay can be anything you want it to be.... there's so much to do and see; taking in all the sights & sounds. It's easy to get caught up, planning away and booking abso-frigging-lutely everything you can... but a holiday is supposed to be that, at the end of the day; so it's important to travel at your own pace. As slowly as you want - so you can totes immerse yaself in the culture & savour the sunshine at the same time. 

So onto the topic of today's post: a few cheeky pointers on how to achieve the ultimate easy-going Florida break.

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Moving around

Roads in Florida are rated as some of the best in the whole of the US - and for good reason, too. Right from Key West to Pensacola, the variety of good forest & coastal roads make for an unbelievable driving experience. 

Travelling by car is probs the most easy & affordable way to see the vast state; being realistic. For a leisurely, slow-paced trip where you can rly soak in a slice of the local lifestyle, opt for the back roads instead of the major highways. Bliss.


A great shout in terms of accommodation is to rent a cottage or villa for at least a week [more, if possible!] so you can explore  the surrounding area thoroughly. These are great in terms of being economical, spacious and more homely than your standard hotel room rental.

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Eating out

MY FAV TOPIC 😍🍴Definitely take your time & move slowly when it comes to enjoying the local delicacies & cuisine available in the area. Sample food made of local ingredients... or buy fresh food from the market and cook it yourself. Should you decide to dine out, the stacks of local cafés and restaurants are a fantastic shout - and very Instagrammable [cos if you didn't upload a pic of your food, did you even eat?!]

Opt for a fly-drive holiday

Opting for a Florida Fly Drive holiday package [which is a super cool concept I didn't realise was a thing] is another great way of exploring the region at leisure - and save time, too. 

The basic idea behind this type of vacay is that a car is waiting for you as soon as you land, so you can access the key areas you want to see. 

There are many agencies out there who will are more than willing to book the entire package - including, flights, car rental, the route you desire and your accommodation. Which is useful AFYou can also opt for just flights and a car - or just book the holiday separately on your own. 

In other words, a fly drive holiday to Florida offers the complete freedom of the roads, at your own pace & using your required time, to create that ultimate holiday.

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Visiting Orlando

Orlando is the most popular place to go in Florida. Obv because of Disney World. However, this isn't for me 😂 The theme park itself is huuuuuge - and on a relaxed, slow-paced holiday [which I'm all about when I'm away] it can be a struggle / a bit frantic to pack everything into a day.

If Disney World is your thing, it might be worth scheduling a few trips there; to get a better insight of the theme park & make sure you have enough time to see everything it has to offer. 

It might be worth you booking to stay at Disney World, if you're set on it tbh; to make your holiday less stressful and more relaxing. Resort guests get preferential treatment in the park areas, even at the time of big crowds. FYI 👀

When to go

Florida is crowded during most times of the year, let's be honest... but if you're looking for that pure easy-going vibe, September, & October or then April & May are ideal. The weather is comfortable  during these times; with tourist traffic at its lowest.

Ironically, the majority of people who return home after their vacay actually feel more tired than when they had left! I know this always happens to me, and it's soul destroying hahaha 😩

This weird phenomenon is caused because our lives are so full of stress [relatable] that we try to rush from one place to another all the time, without even realising. The tips suggested above will help you realise that how magical a slow paced vacation to Florida can be; rather than trying to cram in all the sights at once. Not only will you get to form a better bond with the place you're visiting, your mode of travel and mindset augurs well for the environment as well; as well as enriching your travel experience.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

Have you visited Florida before? What would your top tip be for exploring this beautiful part of the world?

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