There's a new release we need to be talking about today guys - a product dubbed the ultimate intensive hydrator; thanks to its potent formula... packed full of active ingredients such as retinol, Vitamin F & powerful anti-oxidants. And I am fond of a bit of retinol these days, like. 

This little hun not only deeply hydrates & nourishes skin, but it also works to gently remove any build-ups of toxins & acne causing nastiness; thanks to its babein' double-action formula. This makes it perfect to use as an overnight treatment - and for daily use, even on very dry skin.

This ultimate winter hydrator is, of course, this hot-off-the-press FRÉNÉSIES Active Nutri-Intensive Cream.

FRÉNÉSIES Active Nutri-Intensive Cream

Treating your complexion with care and attention is never more important than it is during Winter. Urgh, winter. Exposing your skin to winter elements, such as the harsh wind & pelting rain, can contribute significantly to ageing; as it becomes dry, dehydrated and suffers a loss of skin elasticity and tightness. Great - another reason to add to the list of why Winter SUCKS.

Known for their work in combining skincare and cosmetics with health-led solutions, FRÉNÉSIES worked with some of Europe’s top scientists to create their Active Nutri-Intensive Cream. Formulated as a beautifully rich and thick cream, Nutri-Intensive has been specially created to be used as a hydrating overnight treatment. 

Whilst you're asleep, the skin renews and repairs itself much faster than when you’re awake. And the intensive double-action formula of Active Nutri-Intensive Cream contains the key ingredient of retinol to aid this process. Not only does it deeply hydrate and nourish the skin during this time; penetrating deep into the surface for optimal and long-lasting hydration, but it also gently works to remove any build-up of toxins and acne-causing bacteria. 

Beneath the surface of the skin, Vitamin F works to increase skin regeneration; allowing you to wake to a much brighter, deeply nourished and clearer complexion. Yaaaaas.

Directions for use: Ensure the complexion is clean and dry and then apply this intensive overnight treatment in small circular motions. 
FRÉNÉSIES Active Nutri-Intensive Cream
Retailing at an affordable £22.00, Nutri-Intensive Cream contains Cacao Seed Butter and Lavandula Oil for unparalleled moisturising benefits. It can be used by itself as an intensive overnight treatment or Active Nutri-Intensive Cream can also be used as part of the Frénésies 3 Zone Facial Kit – Daily Skin Solutions, RRP £54.00

Have you tried anything from Frénésies' collection before?

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