As someone who lives for red wine and coffee, I'm always conscious of staining & discolouration on my teeth. The first thing people notice about you is your smile - and I don't want them to look at mine and run for the hills in terror! I've tried a few different toothpastes, strips and mouthwashes before, with mixed results when it comes to whitening... the majority haven't rly done much for me at all... but I'm delighted to announce that this advanced home teeth whitening system* I was kindly gifted by Naturawhite is a gamechanger.

High quality, beautifully designed and easy to use, this teeth whitening kit is bloody brilliant. I've always wanted to try a set with a brightening LED light [and pretend I'm one of those celebs / Insta baddies] and the way this lil piece of tech accelerates and optimises the whitening process is the one.

The kits are great value for money, as you'll get several whitening sessions outta each box. I can't fault the overall system and how effective it is - I know I'll be reaching for it pre-nights out, for that brighter smile when it comes to pics for the 'Gram. In just 45 minutes, you can achieve several shades brighter - instant, effective yet gentle results that'll restore your self-confidence and give you a lil boost from home. Affordably

Naturawhite Advanced Home Teeth Whitening Kit Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

There are 6, simple steps to a whiter smile with Naturawhite. Your kit contains everything you'll need to start your journey to your dream shade of whiteness - with all items available to purchase separately on their website [such as the wipes, spray & shringe of product] for when you run out & need to restock. It's worth noting that you'll get around 5 applications from each syringe alone, which means the kit is fab value for money.

Another thing I like about this brand is the range of products they do - they very kindly popped in whitening toothpastes, portable top-up pens, toothbrushes and wipes [along with other goodies!] with my set... all of which I can use between whitening sessions to maintain, prolong and maximise my results.

The kit contains:

- 1 x Naturawhite Advanced Whitening Gel 10ml [enough to cover 5 full sessions at home]
- Reusable mouth tray
- 5 watt Advanced LED light
- 3 Accelerator Wipes
- 1 Accelerator Spray
- Shade chart to measure your results
- Step by Step instructions leaflet

The all-new 5 watt LED light you'll find in the mix here is the most powerful wattage available; to give maximum results! All Naturawhite's products are non-toxic & meet current EU regulations... AND [as I mentioned] the kit is also fully reusable; only requiring the purchase of new whitening gel for long term usage.

I've filmed a video about the kit - looking at each piece of kit included & demonstrating how it works... I think in this case, watching this will give you the best idea of how great the set is and how easy it is to use. Grab a brew & press play - hope you'll be as impressed as I was!

Have you tried home teeth whitening before?
*Paid promotion & gifted product, but all opinions are totes legit, honest & my own xo
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