Now. If you follow me on any form of socials [especially Twitter, where I complain about my pet peeves on the reg] you'll know I am not a fan of this time of year [and that's putting it extremely politely, I'm usually a lot more blunt when I express my opinions on Autumn / Winter 😂😂.] I can't cope with being cold, I can't cope with the leccy bill being about a grand, I can't cope with constant rain / never-ending threats of snow and I despair of the fact it's dark 97% of the time.

BUT [finding a lil silver lining to my least fave few months of the year] I do massively enjoy shopping & updating my wardrobe with stylish new pieces that make me feel cute [or at least slightly less of a giant meff.] And this year, I'm feeling particularly spendy. 

One trend that especially has my heart in 2019 is the teddy bear jacket - I love how effortlessly glam & stylish these pieces of outerwear look, and how you can dress them up or down... and Cari's Closet are delivering the goods on this front. Just look at those jackets. Those colours. That optimum not-too-short-but-not-too-long length. Huns, my credit cards are trembling in anticipation of the battering they're about to get as I write up this post.

Updating Your Wardrobe For Winter With Cari's Closet, Teddy Bear Jacket Style 

I really like Cari's Closet - I quite often browse their site when I'm looking for unique dresses & occasion wear. Their range feels luxurious, on-trend and makes me feel like a Insta celeb. And with the change of season from the glory of Summer into the miserable pits of winter, I've changed my shopping habits and CC have changed up their stock too; with stacks of actually stylish outerwear and faux furs [always faux fur for me.]

One of the massive reasons why I hate Autumn / Winter so much is how shapeless, unflattering and bulky clothing options are during this time. I feel grim in a giant, oversized coat that hides my shape and transforms me into Kenny from South Park, yeno? So much so, that I refuse to own or wear a coat. Much to the horror of most people who know me. BUT items like these stylish teddy bear jackets actually make me change my mind on this stance - they're fashion items that'll keep me warm, look appropriate, flatter my figure and tick all the AW19 style boxes. 

I love the neutral brown version because of how versatile it is, and dreaming of how nice it'll look worn with denim 😍 AND JUST LOOK AT THAT PINK!! My aesthetic; illustrated via outerwear.

Updating Your Wardrobe For Winter With Cari's Closet, Teddy Bear Jacket Style

What do you think of the teddy bear jacket trend? Do you own one? Are your sentiments on Autumn / Winter the same as mine, or are you someone who lives for these baltic times?
*Sponsored post, but my love for this brand and teddy bear jackets is totes true, legit & from me heart xo
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