Christmas and the New Year are rapidly approaching, meaning that you've probably got all sorts of office meals and parties happening in the next few weeks. At this time of year, we all want to feel and look our best... and for many of us, getting prepped and preened for a party is a great way to get a massive confidence boost. Whether you are a low maintenance kind of gal or you love the process of getting glammed and glitzed up, here are our top tips for preparing for the party season; from indulgent skincare to make-up looks.

Prepping and Preening for the Party Season*

Relax and focus on you

The best way to get yourself into the festive party mood and enjoy the process of getting yourself glammed up is to focus on yourself and be completely relaxed. You might, for example, want to have a mini-spa experience in your own bathroom. Run a hot, deep bath, pop on the moisturising face and hair mask, slap on the hair removal cream on your legs and spend some time soaking all your aches, pains and troubles away. It that's not your jam, why not try an exercise class to pound the stresses out, so you are fully relaxed for partying or chilling out with a film. Do something that makes you happy - it's the best way to make you shine both inside and out.

Indulge in some body care
To feel truly pampered, you might want to think about a little bit of whole body care in the run-up to a big party. This might be that bath mentioned above with a bath bomb or body oil, followed by exfoliation to get rid of any dry skin caused by the harsh winter conditions. Follow this up by slathering on a rich body cream.

Choose your look

Before you start the preening process, you need to start thinking about the sort of look that you are aiming for. If you wait until it is time to get dressed, you are going to end up stressed. Think about the dress code - is it casual, formal, or something in between? Once you know this, it is easier to choose your outfit. Wear something a little different to your day to day outfits, but also something that you feel comfortable in. Once you have your outfit sorted, you can start thinking about accessories, hair and makeup.


If you wear makeup, Christmas parties are the perfect opportunity to change up your look. If you usually opt for a subtle look, why not opt for something a bit dramatic? Dark plum lips, winged eyeliner and a bit of sparkle always look great in the festive season,

After the party
No matter how late you get back from the party - and no matter how tired you might feel, make an effort to take off your makeup before you go to bed. Your pillow will thank you for it, as will your skin the next day!

*Collaborative post - for more info, please see my Disclaimer
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