I feel it is important to let you guys know that I am very accident prone. I currently have three metal pins in my body to hold together a fracture from an accident I suffered [hence my life having been on crutches since September 2014] and I also contain a little of someone else's blood from a transfusion. 

Oh - and I scar like crazy. I only have to have a spot once for there to be a lasting remainder of this event on my body forever.

So when InstaNatural sent me some of their Scar Gel* to try; I was game as a heavily scarred badger to get involved - given that I have recent scars from surgery and a mole removal procedure I am very conscious of.

This Advanced Repair Scar Gel* is for new and old scars and contains a blend of natural active ingredients to help diminish the appearance of battle wounds. It contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) - which is a naturally occurring protein that stimulates the healing process - along with a whole host of other natural ingredients [which I won't pretend to be pure knowledgeable about - cos I'm not.]

The important stuff to know about this gel 

1) It is advised you use this product twice a day, massaging it into the affected area, 
2) Continued use is said to cause the scar to soften, flatten and whiten,
3) It comes in a pump top bottle, so you can dispense your daily dose,
4) It's a brown liquid [which I didn't expect] and it smells like .. quite spicy almost? Rich and natural, but absorbs really quickly,
5) This is a cream, not an oil - and this consistency of product is said to be much more effective than that of an oil scar dimishing product [yeah, take that BioOil]
6) It can be used on all skin types [even sensitive]
7) The formula contains no harmful parabens, sulfates or alcohols.

And does it work? 

Well first of all, let me point out [in the nature of a fair review 'n' all] that these things take time to work - so I can't claim that in the week / ten days I've been using this regularly i've seen miracle results and my scars have totes vanished. 

There is no product on God's green earth that can do that - plus my scars are baaaaaad

However, I can safely say that I've definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of my scars; with regards to the softness of the skin and their size. I have been mostly targeting my most recent scar with this gel - as this is the one which is most obvious on my body; a large circle on my thigh where I had a mole burned off a few weeks ago. And by jove, since I've started using this gel  it seems to be shrinking; fading from the outside in. Plus, the skin is a lot smoother around the scar too; it seems to be changing and healing at a much faster rate than before [I'd show you guys a picture, but it's pretty grim.]

I'll definitely keep using this Scar Gel*- if the results I've seen so far continue, I may even be able to banish my battle wounds in time for bikini season! I have been really impressed with what I've seen so far and will continue to use this product as part of my daily routine.

If you're interested in giving this a try - perhaps if you have acne or surgical scars - check out InstaNatural's Amazon store here.

Are you accident prone? Do you have any scars? What products do you use to improve their appearance? Do you have any tips 'n' tricks for me?

*This product was sent to me for review. Views are all my own and I haven't been told to say any of this - my scars really have looked to improve and I am genuinely very keen on the natural, healthy properties held by this product.
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