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by Nikki LLL Blog, May 04, 2015
So, if you're a regular reader of LoveLaughsLipstick or even just an occasional browser - first of all HELLO :} and thanks so much for taking the time to read through my mad ramblings and pages of photographs - [and secondly] you may have noticed a couple of enhancements to my page. 

I haven't been asked to write this post, I just really wanted to do a little piece on my new features as I'm reaaaaalllyyyyy happy with them and firmly believe that credit where credit's due is very much a thing. 

My ADORBS new blog button and header were made by the fabulous Jemma, of Dorkface blog fame. I chose Jemma for the job as a] I perv off her blog regularly and knew that given her own blog, designs and photography she'd cook me up something brilliant b] it's lovely to support other bloggers and c] as a fellow resident of Liverpool, I like to give back haha. Oh - and d] because her kitten melts my heart. 

I am made up with them - and how quickly Jemma bashed these bad boys out too! Feel free to grab my button from my right-hand side bar [shaaaaameless plug there haha] and if you're thinking of getting some new designs made up check her out - she's even opened her own Etsy store recently; so let's share some love and support each other's dreams :}

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Lots of love,

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