Welcome to my second subscription box of the month review [hashtag obsessed.] This time, as part of my uncontrollable addiction to subscribing to monthly surprise parcels, I'm taking on Glossybox. I had a bit of a mixed experience last month with the old GB [and you can read about it here] so I'm hoping this time I'll be a little more impressed. Without further ado, let's get crackin' and start unwrappin'.

I just need to say [swiftly breezing over that totally cringeworthy little rhyme I just made] how cute is this box please? In the limited experiences I've had with Glossybox, their beautiful packaging and cute ribbons have blown me away every time [twice.] This box will be perfect for organising my ever growing make-up collection and the disorganised clutter of madness which I call my bedroom. I'm a true sucker for a pastel pink. Now, onto the products.

MeMeMe Full Size Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand, worth £6.95

I was JUST saying the other day [think it was on a comment on the beautiful Miss Makeup Magpie's blog that I really wanted to try an eyepencil. Like a chunky, colour one like this; rather than having an ongoing war of my eyeshadow powders / loose pigments vs the carpet. 

Check out my swatches; this applies beautifully. It melts into and glides over the skin on application and the colour pay-off / pigmentation is INCRED. My only beef with these two shades is that when I wear blue eye makeup, I kinda feel like I'm in the 80s. Or it reverts me back to my troubled late teens, where I wore Barry M blue liquid eyeliner every. single. damn. day. But blue eyeliner is a key trend for Spring / Summer, so maybe I'll embrace it again yet.

Etre Belle Full Size Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel, worth £15.93

First of all... who would pay £15.93 for such a small tube? I legit thought this was a sample. It looks pretty lux and it smells like hotels and posh spas, but I'll admit I am not massively enthralled by this product. Apparently this cooling gel moisturises deep below the surface and revitalises your complexion; with aloe vera making for a great post-sun soother. So maybe [if I can ever cast down these sodding crutches and afford a holiday again] this'll be useful on holiday. But it's not something that's got me pure giddy and that I'm desperate to try. Although it's nice to have.

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam Sample, worth £7.95 full size

This is a great idea. Ideal for festivals, or for the lazy girl who doesn't like to wash her hair that often [ME.] I'll be honest, the packaging made me think it was a shower gel for a long time though, so until reading more about it, I wasn't very impressed at all. But now, I am excited to try this. It's towel off, foam shampoo which doesn't require any water. Which is mega cool. This will be perfect for those days when I just sleep in forever and have no chance to wash my hair, or as a pick-me-up for holiday hair. Definitely useful to have.

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate Sample, worth £12 full size

I not so long ago bought some INHIBTIF serum, which you apply to your legs after shaving to minimalise regrowth, bumps and stubble. So I thought 'Wow, this is a great idea. I'll have the smoothest legs ever.' It wasn't until a bit later, I clocked onto the word 'intimate' - and although the packaging and the Glossybox description both tiptoe around the subject and don't say it directly, turns out this stuff is for your bikini line and general feminine area. 

So SASS make products for your intimate area. Lots of products. Which is cool, as I think there's probs a bit of a gap in the market for stuff like this or stuff that isn't medicated or ragingly obvious what it is. This concentrate works to soothe post-shave / wax, prevent ingrown hairs and reduce hair re-growth; which is great if you've had a bikini wax for holiday and want to maintain smooth skin. Or if you've had a wax or shave in general life and want to pop some on. I'm not going to launch off on some mad tangent about body hair. It's your hair and your choice. But this is a cool product and I can see why it has been included in a preparing for summer box.

Collection Cosmetics Full Size Field Day Lipstick in Tulip, worth £2.99

I HAD NO IDEA OFF FIRST IMPRESSIONS THAT THIS WAS A COLLECTION LIPSTICK. Fair play, guys - this new packaging is sick and makes it look really expensive. First things first, it smells lovely. I know it's not a perfume, I know it's not [supposed to be] edible ... but it smells so nice. Like, the smell of lipsticks and sample lipsticks and toy lipsticks I used to have as a kid. Waves of nostalgia wafted over me. It applies really beautifully, with an instant pop of colour. I'm not 100% sure that this colour suits me however, my natural lips are quite dark in colour and applying paler shades makes me look insipid. So we'll see 


Overall .. it's a very mixed bag again for me from Glossybox. Although I think the SASS INTIMATE Perfect Skin Concentrate is a great idea for maintaining a smooth bikini wax on holiday and I love that one of my favourites Collection made it into this month's offerings, I'm just not buzzing about the products.

Yeah, they're cool - the foam shampoo is such a great idea - but the Collection lippy isn't a shade which I think will suit me, although the MeMeMe eye pencil applies amazingly and is really highly pigmented -  I don't wear blue products on my eyes as I feel like I'm in the 80s and although I'll try the Aloe Vera stuff, it's not one I'm rushing straight to the bathroom to test out RIGHT NOW. They're nice products and a great choice in preparing for Summer - and they are 100% out of my price range; but I'm just not buzzing. Which makes me sad. But also, makes me feel wise that I have cancelled my subscription.


What did you think of this month's Glossybox? Was yours different to mine? Have you tried / want to try any of the products in this month's offerings? Have you had better experiences with Glossybox than me?

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