Happy Halloween Eve guys! 

I've been feeling a lot more festive and a lot marginally less grumpy this year, so I thought I'd embrace the occasion and bash out a cheeky post dedicated to Halloween [and the triumph this day holds in allowing you to look totally grim and get away with it, cos you can pretend you're in costume.]

I had high hopes for doing a cheeky Expectation vs Reality special for Halloween this year - there was some amazingly creepy, yet insanely brilliant costumes doing the rounds on eBay. I ordered myself a 'sexy' banana costume for 99p, which I was buzzing about because: 

1. Just think of all the a-peeling puns I could have made all-the-time-ever in my post - I would have [banana] split my sides 

and 2. When it comes to Halloween, is there anything more sexy or appropriate than dressing as a massive, yellow, phallic shaped piece of fruit? LOL #irony. Hilarious irony, though.

However, the sh*thouse on eBay attempted to do a runner with my whole 99p and never sent the item. So instead, you can have the second most scary thing I have to offer you - photos of my face. 

Here's a few simple Halloween makeup ideas, to give you both inspo and the creeps simultaneously. Please bear in mind that I'm not a MUA or any form of expert, I just try to make the best of a bad situation i.e. my face. On a budget.

Deirdre the Dead Nurse | Costume from Smiffys, bought from Depop | Fake blood spray from Smiffys, bought from eBay | White face paint, £1.99 from B&M Bargains | Dead looking eyes, cheeks and general face achieved with black eyeshadow, eyeliner and falsies; all from home

Kitty Cat the Creep | Headband £1.77 inc postage from eBay | White face paint, £1.99 from B&M Bargains | Everything else achieved with makeup from home

Day of the Dead basic | Headband £5.99 inc postage from eBay | Everything else achieved with makeup from home - eyeshadow and eyeliner, namely

Day of the Dead - with a splash of colour | Headband £5.99 inc postage from eBay | Colourful face paint, £4 from eBay | Everything else achieved with makeup from home - eyeshadow and eyeliner, namely

Things to note about these looks / things I learned the hard way

- Minus the fake blood and face paint, all of the beauty products I used to create these looks were things I already owned. Hello budget <3 You don't need to pure splash out on loads of specialist stuff - as bloggers, we already own most of the stuff we might need e.g. lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, lip liners etc.

- DO NOT play with fake blood on a school night. This sh*t stains. I definitely went to the office looking like I'd been on a mad murdering rampage the night before. Probs not a great look.

- What they don't tell you is that it's not always the more expensive stuff that does the best job. So shop around. I bought this 
Day of The Dead kit I got from Smiffys and it was a massive effing let down - the glittery eye things would not stick for sh*t and really annoyed me pure flapping around. Plus the face paints in this kit were terrible.

Creepy as hell, right? Please excuse the apparent pawprint I've drawn on my fod there as well. Oh and the white facepaint I've got on here - that's the B&M stuff. Probably should have extended the white facepaint to my orange body too, but meh.

-They [I don't actually know who this 'they' are that I keep referring to lol] also don't care to mention that if you play with Halloween makeup during the working week, not only will you go to the office stained with sinister looking fake blood splatters - if you smother face paint on your skin a lot, you'll also be heading in with about 3 million spots too.

- If you want a truly dead look, don't apply white face paint over your foundation like I did initially - or you wont look as dead as you want. You'll just look a bit dead but with a bangin' tan.

- You're probably better to use your own products for some things; for a sharper, cleaner looking edge. The crayons and liners etc that you get in these sets just leave what you've drawn looking faded and you cant achieve a smooth, clean edge.

- Finally, always have a back-up plan / costume set to hand - for example, the
Smiffys white face paint is pretty shoddy, however, the one in my £1.99 full on kit from B&M Bargains was amaze.

....and with those chilling realities, I will leave you to ponder your own costume for the weekend.

Have an amazing
Halloween guys - I look forward to stalking your looks on Twitter and Instagram.


Are you off out this Halloween? What are you dressing as?

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