A little while ago now [soz, I'm a horrendous excuse for a blogger sometimes!] 72 Hair very kindly sent me a sample of their Repairing Oil to try out - around the time I'd been raging about my tangly, dry-ass hair on Twitter. Apart from some Tresemme Smoothing Oil stuff I tried [and threw away cos it was sh*te] a few years ago, I've had no real experience using hair oil - though I know it's all the rage right now and that I totally should take more care of my locks using stuff like this; given how long I've dodged the hairdresser and / or hairbrushes for.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - 72 Hair Repairing Oil Review

My hair is like a scarecrow's wig / bird's nest the majority of the time. It has been literally years since I've had it cut and although it's not in horrendous condition; it's very fine, can turn a tad frizzy and tangles like a bee-yatch within seconds. So I was very excited to try this Repairing Oil sample. If you haven't heard of 72 Hair before, their packaging & branding is absolute goals, I'm a little in love with their website and they promise to help banish bad hair days for good.

Their 72 Hair Smoothing System is created by hairdressers - who know a thing or two about what hair needs. Their treatments promise to deliver smooth, consistent results to leave your hair ‘frizz free’ every time; using a blend of premium ingredients, such as Avocado Oil, Collagen and Hydrolysed Silk. The 72 Smoothing System repairs the cuticles of your hair; improving its overall condition so that you can achieve beautiful salon results every time. So, how did it rate vs my insane mane?

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - 72 Hair Repairing Oil Review

Although the sample was only really enough to apply to my hair & scalp on a couple of occasions, I was impressed with it. It has a light, pleasant fragrance and it's extremely relaxing when massaged into your scalp and roots. It made my hair glisten and shine with moisture, and made it extremely sleek and manageable. 

It seemed to almost detangle it, in a way - my hair was so much easier to comb through after oiling; even a few days afterwards & after several some hair washes. I can definitely vouch that it made my hair much more manageable - though I don't know how. I guess the oil seemed to separate the strands of hair more and define them, which made them less prone to tangles. It definitely felt like my hair was drinking up the oil as I applied it - and I did see some results too, which was nice.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - 72 Hair Repairing Oil Review

Have you tried any of 72 Hair's products before? Do you apply oil to your hair to keep it healthy? What are your top tips for frizz free hair?

*This post contains a sample I was gifted to try out & review. All opinions and that are 100% my own
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