I love Fresh Naturals. My addiction to their sugar scrubs is all too real - I have a stack of them in my toiletries basket and will 100% be back for more, when the stockpile starts to deplete. 

You may remember reading about their fab range of natural, luxurious body care products here (or maybe you clocked them in my Christmas Giftguide post?) - but in case you didn't catch either of these literary works of art (lol, just kidding; though I am slightly bias) here's a quick overview of what the company's all about. 

Fresh Naturals bring the best freshly handmade and natural skincare, soaps, bath & beauty from UK independents together; in one online store. Everything they sell is 100% cruelty free and freshly handmade in small batches; with gentle and natural ingredients. They stock something for everyone, so whether you're looking for something:

- 100% Natural
- Vegan Friendly
- Fragrance Free
- SLS & Paraben Free
- Palm Oil Free
- Organic
- Gentle and mild ingredients
- Or great for Dry, Oily or Sensitive Skin Conditions

... Fresh Naturals will have something for ya. And they're forever expanding and adding new products to their online store, such as these gorgeous new bits, that I was gifted recently. Here's my thoughts on them. 

Rosehip and Jojoba Oil Hydration Balm* 

This balm is fab, I've thoroughly enjoyed using it. I'm also loving Fresh Naturals' new look packaging and branding. It has an interesting, almost grainy texture; but once applied to the skin, it melts into a lovely, light oil.

I've been applying this to areas where I suffer from dry skin (such as my knees and elbows) and it's softened them up a treat. As the name suggests, my dry skin feels loads more hydrated now and looks noticeably younger / softer. 

Creamy Bath Melts Duo* 

These bath melts are lovely. They're 100% natural and fragrance free - and they don't foam up or fizz like a bath bomb - but what they do do, is intensely moisturise your skin. Drop one into the bath and it'll melt into the water, evenly coating your body in a lovely coating of moisturiser. They really reminds me of emollients I've used in the past for psoriasis - aka super moisturising. 

For a more intense level of moisture, I also took the melt and rubbed it onto my skin - focusing again on the areas where I'm prone to having the odd dry patch. It melted down beautifully and felt instantly cooling. Safe to say, my skin felt years younger / refreshed after this hydrating experience. Just be careful not to slip getting out of the bath when you're done. 

100% Natural Rejuvenating Face Oil* 

I've always kinda avoided face oils up until now, as I have pretty oily skin on my face anyway - so I haven't wanted to encourage the situation further by adding more! However, in reality this isn't the case - and this face oil has actually helped with the shiny situation. 

I've been dropping this onto my face with my foundation, when getting ready in the morning, before blending it all in with a brush or beauty blender. I saw loads of tutorials on YouTube with people doing this, and never really got it. Until I tried it. This stuff smells lovely and helps blend my foundation and concealer into my skin perfectly. It also gives my face a lovely glow, which is something I'd never achieved when my makeup routine didn't involve a splash of face oil. 

If you're into Lush, you'll ADORE Fresh Naturals. Their products are ethical, effective and 100% natural - as well as super affordable. And they've even started beasting out products for men, too - leaving noone out when it comes to naturally nourished skin. 

You can check out Fresh Naturals' online store here, and stalk their socials here, here and here. And if you don't believe how fab they are, just ask my Mum. I've got her hooked now, too - we're a family of sugar scrub addicts and proud! 

Have you tried Fresh Naturals' products before? 
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*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review. But as ever, all opinions are legit my own
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