Dating is a funny old thing. In my life, it's literally hysterical. From the guy who carried me over dog poo at the peril of his own white pumps, to those romantic wanders to Tesco for Value Chicken Curry at 6am - to the guy who got turned on & whose hands suddenly went rogue whilst watching the film Kes [erotic kestrels, who knew?] - it's been a rollercoaster of love, laughs and lipstick.

It can be totes difficult to meet someone - no matter what your age, situation or location. In my experience, the quest for love seems to involve endless blind dates with total cretins talking about leprachauns and their top five 'would bang' list from Skins, all this swiping malarky on dating apps [which, I've learned from friends, can take catfishing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL], the plethora of f*ckboys who inhabit the earth and the occasional clubneck with that guy whose number and name you totally forgot. Or perhaps the one that got away - and when I say away; not just got away, like moved to Australia kind of away. Drastic much?

I can only imagine how much harder it is to meet someone once you're that bit older - or if you're a single parent dating and trying to juggle childcare, work and a social life [hats off to you all, you're legit super-heros!!] Though you do hear loads of heartwarming success stories from those who've met online via dating websites - for example, one of my best friends met her now fiance this way and many of my older friends have had some great experiences with over 50s dating too. There's plenty of hope out there. Salsa classes, wine tastings, cheeky yoga sessions and cosmopolitan coffees - the world's your oyster with the new age of online dating.

For this post, I've put together a list of some of my favourite dating related places I've enjoyed in my ten years of living in Liverpool. These are all places which hold fond memories to me and some of which have been home to dates, club necking and meeting great new people. Dating in Liverpool is FUN. But maybe take some of my suggestions a little more seriously than others; as I feel my definition of romance may be a little different than most people's.

1. Ghetto Golf
A pretty new place that's opened just by the Baltic Creative district. Funky as, loads of fun and has its own bar [with red cups!]

2. Unit 51 Coffee Shop
I don't know what's in their brews; but if you're after a caffeine buzz /  a reason to bounce off the walls then grab a mug and go wild.

3. Gusto
A mighty fine [though a tad overpriced] home of some of the nicest steak you'll ever eat.

4. Slater's for Quad Vods
This might not be your cup of tea and it's also not all that legal. But Slater's Bar on Slater Street in town serves quad vods and like, you can't not try this potent delicacy.

5. Lloyds Karaoke
I can't remember what night Karaoke is in Lloyds on Concert Square, but it's legit incredible. Definite icebreaker!

6. The Customs Museum
I am OBSESSED with shows such as Borderforce UK and Nothing To Declare, so this fun museum by the Tate is super interesting.

7. The World Museum
Has dinosaurs, snakes and full on aquariums of fish. And a sick stuffed animals section. Much nature, very nice.

8. Asda on Smithdown Road
This place is so nostalgic for me, it genuinely brings a tear to my eye. Could easily spend a full day exploring the 'Whoops!' aisle.

9. China Town
Great during the day and even better during the night; when you end your date steaming drunk and fancy some 3am Chicken Chow Mein.

10. Blue Angel
No drink tastes as it should, the walls sweat and you'll find yourself somewhat stuck to the floor. The evening will always end with the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing and the 5ive Megamix will be on at some point. And you'll get a drumstick lolly on the way out. But it's a must-visit.

11. Miller and Carter Steakhouse
That Onion Loaf, though *drools*

12. The Brookhouse
Home to every hungover student in the city, the Brookhouse has great food, cheap ale and a fantastic atmosphere. So many hours of my student life were spent in that place; usually hangin BADLY on the sofas in the corner, whilst the boys devoured curly fries.

13. Tails In The City Dog Creche
Found on Hill Street [just by THE most fashion blogger photography inspired grafitti everrrr] this place is packed full of excited doggos having a great time whilst their owners are in work. I try and walk past it as many times in my life as I possibly can.

14. Aloha! 
Rum-based cocktails served in pineapples and set on fire. Granted, the bar also once set on fire and burned down - but it's back with a vengeance and funky AF.

15. Bold Street 
Home to countless coffee shops, boutique stores, quirky restaurants and Pedro; a homeless guy with a guitar who sings about getting them out for the lads and loves life.

Have you tried online dating before? What's your ideal first date?
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