With the exception of Britney Spears' Curious, I've never been huge on celebrity fragrances ... until now, that is!

I'm not ordinarily big on celebs full stop to be honest - though I do like my Geordie Shore and once, I saw John Paul from Hollyoaks walking down the street and lost my sh*t somewhat hahaha... but you know what I mean... these fandoms and people who pure obsess over specific celebs [like that friend I had who legit obsessed over AJ from the Backstreet Boys] ... I don't get it. I'd never buy something for the sake of it having someone's name on it if you get me; no matter how fit I think they are or how many times I've slut-dropped to their tracks.

I just live my peasant life and I'm quite a big fan of Paul the Postman. That's about it rly. But this perfume, this perfume right here, smells SO DAMN GOOD that I think I might have to change my cynical, grumpy-old-bag perceptions towards celeb fragrances - because my girl Lisa Riley has smashed it.

Lisa Riley Change Perfume Review

I haven't seen Lisa Riley on TV for aaaaaages - tho I used to watch her all the time on You've Been Framed when I was younger. With her cheeky grin and accent that sounds pretty similar to my own; she's always stood out to me as being a relatable, northern gal who I can proper see myself getting along with.

My jaw dropped when I saw some recent snaps of her - she's lost so much weight and has totally revamped her style; which I guess is why she's named her first perfume release Change. Regardless - she looks like a total fox and I couldn't be happier for her and to start hearing her name crop up in conversation more.

This 50ml Change Eau de Parfum* by Lisa Riley is from Ideal World; where it retails for the very affordable price of £19.99 [though it's on offer for just £16.99 at the moment - go go go!] I love it to be honest - I've worn it every day since it arrived with me, as it's everything I look for in a perfume. It's rich, strong, sensual and a tad masculine [like, think of the nicest, muskiest aftershave mixed with sensual, girly notes of fragrance] and I just adore it so, so much.

Lisa Riley Change Perfume Review

Its aroma is musky, spicy, fresh, fruity and mysterious: all-in-one. If you remember the red Diesel perfume everyone used to wear [going back a few years #fossil] and have ever sniffed my favourite blue Radox muscle relax bubble bath; I guess you could say it smells a little similar to those. Very fresh and the perfect scent for Summer. And my new go-to.

As you may have guessed, describing how perfumes smell isn't really my forte. I usually use adjectives like 'fit', 'sexy' or 'bangable' - none of which really cut it with fragrance - and especially with one I genuinely love so much. My words don't do it justice - so here's how Ideal World describe Change, so you can get a better idea.

'An Oriental fragrance with floral notes. Rich and sensual. The top notes are mandarin leaves and mulberry flowers, then Tuberose and orange flower with a hint of jasmine are in the heart and the base is created with sandalwood and tonka bean with a pinch of patchouli.

Lisa wanted something celebratory to mark her huge recent personal journey, everyone's shared her story, and seen her change so now they can share in her change.

"Change" depicts what she's gone through. This is a fresh new chapter in her life, a change in direction, she's moving forward. Lisa's vibrant and full of life attitude is reflected in this fragrance.'

Lisa Riley Change Perfume Review

Lisa has also released her own brand of clothing which she's selling on the Ideal World website - called Just Be You. There looks to be some really nice pieces in the collection actually - and it's worth a stalk, just to see how incredible and happy she looks in the model shots. Hats off to you Lise - you've made some massive life changes and released a perfume that's totes changed mine, too!

Here's to the future, and embracing positive changes just like our girl Lisa has!

Have you smelt this perfume yet? What's your signature Summer scent?

*This post contains PR Samples. Really fit PR samples; get your nostrils near a bottle of Change and you'll soon see for yourself that every word in this review is 100% true
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