There are two things very close to my heart [well, amongst a few I suppose as I'm pretty overdramatic] and those things are honesty [I'm always swearing away and trying to stay as true to myself as I can online] and coffee. I live for a good brew, although I've cut down a bit recently, cos I've not been that well [cue tiny violins playing in the background] ... Monday without coffee is like... a bath without water. IMPOSSIBLE. And both of these two situations potentially could lead to disastrous results; of the tired and smelly variety. So in my opinion, neither should be attempted.

[Image source & credit - Honest Coffees]

That's why I'm excited to be bringing you guys news on something which [literally] brings these two loves of mine together - a company legit called Honest Coffees []. I mean, as far as brand names go, you don't get much of a seamless link than that, do ya? 

I think my fave kinda go-to brew when ordering from coffee machines or coffee shops is a latté or a cappuccino - I love the look, comforting warmth and smell of them. I'm pretty much drooling thinking of that fresh, coffee bean smell right now. Also, professionally blended coffee always seems to be a million times better than the debatable cuppas I knock together at home or for co-workers in the office [I see you guys not drinking them] - which for me, always justifies paying for one. I might resent buying shampoo or washing-up liquid [goshdarnit, adulting] but for some reason, coffee is that one thing I always class as justifiable expense. And I'm not changing that - no matter how much NatWest hate me.

[Image source & credit - Honest Coffees]

Honest Coffees supply to machines, coffee shops, offices, gyms and hotels at the moment - and hopefully, they're a brand you'll stumble across and try for yourself soon; if not already! I love the ethical morals and production values of their brews; even though they're ALREADY selling over a million cups of coffee a year [probably about 10,000 of those going to me] they still always ensure that their coffee beans are all sourced ethically, roasted locally and priced fairly. Meaning that their suppliers and clients alike receive a fair deal. Plus they're also totes Fairtrade AND [where possible] source the best quality coffees that are Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified... so I personally couldn't really ask anymore from my morning [and afternoon, 4:15pm pick-me-up and evening] brew than that!

Now for that morning brew [& about 3000 complementary cookies!]
*Sponsored post, written by me tho
**Images in this post taken from Honest Coffee's blog. All image credit & sources belong to them, minus my own blog logo obv
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