On this day, three years ago, my blog was born. Three frigging years ago... LoveLaughsLipstick is legit a toddler now! I can't believe I've actually kept it up tbh - I'm the worst ever at sticking to things. When it comes to diets, budgets, plans, deadlines and rules, there's more chance of pigs flying and getting a firm foot [trotter?] in the property market than me seeing them through. Although I'm fantastic at getting a bit of a sweat-on and sticking to leather sofas occasionally. #SEXY 

And I sat in a chewed up caramel chocolate bar in assembly once and stuck to the floor. 

And I guess whilst we're on the subject of sticky situations, I have to admit that I've had more unfortunate incidents with Superglue than I'd care to admit.

Although my posting schedule has been as erratic as my bank balance [I should just replace the world 'erratic' with sh*t there tbh, cos that's more of a factual description of both of those things] I've still managed to bash the odd post out here and there; as a treat. 

And I'm alright with that. 

Blogging has introduced me to some incredible friends, opened up some amazing opportunities, lead me to discover some fantastic brands and kept me busy whilst I've had all kinds of operations & crappy health situations. As well as treating to me some next level bants on Twitter - the memes, sh*tstorms and typos make my existence.

So, for my blog birthday / anniversary this year, I decided to giveaway a bundle of 3 goodies. One for each year I've been blogging; one for each year of your support

One lucky reader will win this brand new set of Three Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Quench Lip Rescue lippies; in the shades Cherry, Buff and Coral. And they're legit the prettiest things you'll ever, ever see.

If you wanna win them, it's dead simple. Head to my Twitter, make sure you're following me and RT my pinned tweet. Boom. You're in with a chance. 

The giveaway starts on the 24th October 2017 and ends at midnight on the 5th November 2017; and the winner will be picked at random. It's a one entry per person kinda affair, to keep things fair - and quote tweets won't be counted, because they do my sh*tting HEAD IN! So pls, no more. 

International giveaway. Genuine Tarte goodies, purchased by me - not a sponsored situation or in any way affiliated with Twitter. Make sure that if you're under 18, you have your parent / guardian's permission to enter. And good luck!

I just wanna say thx again for putting up with me, supporting me and occasionally stopping by to have a quick read of my rambling guyz; I proper appreciate and fancy you all. 10/10 would bang xo

Here's to another year of blogging [cos I paid for my domain renewal and mate I'm getting my money's worth!] opportunities, new friendships and casual swearing.
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