Dating. Getting to know someone new. Casually dating. Pyar steamy hook ups / sex dating. Whatever your status or preference, there's a lot of fun to be had on the modern dating scene. And with the endless opportunities that online dating & dating apps bring to the table, the world is pretty much ya oyster. 

Modern tech has made it way easier to locate a potential love interest - even on the go, on ya phone or laptop... and so much smoother than trying to talk to someone in a club & decipher whether they're fit or sh*t; in a venue filled with strobe lights & smoke machines [blasting DJ Sammy - Heaven. Tuuuuune.] Whether you're in it for the long-haul [or in it for a one-night-only, no strings dating kinda thing] meeting someone new who you proper fancy or get on well with is a pretty unbeatable experience. 

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I love getting to know new people; whether these be romantic interests / hotties I've stalked from afar, or just potential new mates. Casual dating - even if you don't make it past the first date [and have to escape out of the toilet window... hahaha omg remember that woman who pooed at that guy's house on their first date, and then somehow ended up getting stuck in the window?! Iconic] is still a great way to meet people you may not have otherwise crossed paths with

Dating without rules & getting out there meeting various people is a great confidence booster & [provided your date isn't a total cockwomble] a fab opportunity to have a laugh [and / or a bang], if nothing else. Casual dating is laid back, non-committal and can be totally fun / a great shout for those who may have just come out of a long-term relationship & are questioning who they are & what they want in life.

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From my [fun af] experiences of dating & getting to know new males, for today's post; I've popped together a fun list of people you should maybe avoid when it comes to setting sail upon a casual dating cruise. See if you recognise any of the situations or personality types on the list.

Ones To Approach With Caution RE: Dating

The Best Friend
There is nothing casual about dating a best friend. And if it all goes to sh*t, there's potentially a really valuable friendship at risk. Bangin' ya buddy might seem like a good idea at the time, but the fallout, complications and awkwardness of waking up next to your BFF's boner the morning after can be pretty dire. 

I'm not saying never embark on a relationship with your bezzy. Do it, go cray cray. But just consider the implications pls, promise? For someone you've not only met but become attached to & communicate frequently with, the same rules don't apply as with ya bog standard casual dating sitch. 

The 'Older' One
Again, I'm all for a good old silver fox or an older fella [why do men just get better with age, pls... in fact why do all the best things behave in such a way: fellas, wine, cheese?] but when I dated a slightly older guy for a while he legit acted like my Dad - and not in a kinky sex way. I found he was sooooo patronising about so many parts of my life - providing unsolicited advice on money, health & my diet ['You eat like a child'] / fondness for pasta. And we all know that if someone [dares to] try to come between me & my pasta, tuna and cheese mountains, they'll need to swiftly sashay away. For their own safety.

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The Work Colleague
Pls huns. No matter how fit that guy is who works in ya office [or in the cash for gold shop across the shopping centre from you] consider your casual actions wisely. For me, my casual encounters with said golden male ended up in not speaking whatsoever, his mates laughing at my breadstick [not my knob, a piece of literal bread from Tesco] and his area manager trying it on with me after I ate a chilli for a dare. Fun though.

The One Who F*cked Up, But You Gave Another Chance [or 12]
This tit doesn't need any further explanation. We all have someone like this in our lives I reckon. Channel your inner Dua Lipa and embrace the freedom of casual dating & meeting new hotties; rather than letting this bellend dictate yo life.

The One You've Text Bongo About
If you're having to text internet bots and premium rate, automated text services to see if he'll text back, show up for that dinner reservation you made or if he even likes you... he ain't the one, hun.

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What have your experiences with casual dating been like? Have you dabbled in the field of online dating before? Found a decent bang, love interest or new BFF from it? 

Let me know in the box below,
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