There is pretty much no feeling that beats long romantic walks down the makeup aisle. Well, I guess the one to the fridge comes pretty close in terms of this utter euphoric bliss but yeno. I've treated myself to so many bits of beauty recently [fragrance, another 300 eyeshadow palettes, skincare] that I think my stack of credit cards have pretty much imploded. But the call of the makeup counter is too strong

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If, like me, you can't stop with the 'treat yoself mentality' [and whack bits into ya basket quicker than I hit the floor when I notice someone's dropped a penny] then I'm sure your bank manager has a similar relationship with you as mine does. Totes writing me letters that I also totes ignore, begging me to not spend my money on makeup this month & be more responsible. Weeping over my overdraft & wanting to reduce it. No thanks, hun. Not when Norvina has just released that new eyeshadow palette *drools.*

One of my fave ever department stores when it comes to having a good browse, enjoying the luxurious experience and heavily hammering the beauty dept has got to be Debenhams. And here's where you'd actually be proud of me, Graham from Natwest HQ. I've found a way where I can actually be more responsible with cash, whilst still indulging my incessant need to shop the entire Debs' store. Which I obv need to share with you fellow beauty lovers. Using a cheeky lil Debenhams voucher code to knock ££ off my shop. Courtesy, of course, of Groupon - another one of my fav sites to stalk; thanks to the massive array of offers on there.

I did not realise how many vouchers, retailers and offers Groupon boasts - but bloody hell, now I do, I'll be shopping much more savvy & saving dem pennies left, right and centre. Not just on mattresses, camping and exercise classes - but on makeup, fragrance & fashion. At my fav stores. And weeping at how good both shopping and saving simultaneously feels, of course, probably in some sort of cheese counter type environment. Camembert has reduced me to tears before with how fit it is... so it wouldn't be the first time I've had a breakdown in front of some brie in the cheese section!

Do you keep an eye out for deals on Groupon? Did you realise before this post [cos I didn't!] how many offers these guys actually collate for us each day?! Groupon, you might just be the one.
*Sponsored post, but all opinions are totes my own and that xoxo
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