I love having long hair. I don't know why, but cutting it short makes me feel about as sexy as a big toe in a pair of Crocs. I guess I like the idea of swishing my hair about like I'm in a sexy music video, with Nicki Minaj twerking in the background. There are a lot of styles you can achieve with long locks. It can be sexy, flirty, feminine. And it can also be a total bugger. Especially when it won't be tamed, gets tangled, goes weirdly flat on one side or looks limp AF; despite fuelling it with all the products in the country.

I know we can all relate to the idea of having a bad hair day. That's why dry shampoo, ponytails, 'messy' buns and hats are a gal's best friend. But what if your bad hair days just don't seem to go away? Don't worry, frens, let's dive into the heart of this hairy situation and sort it out; with theses helpful tips from the professionals.

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Thin hair probs
Everyone moans about humidity hair in the summer. Doing a Monica from Friends. But if you're one of the girlies who struggle with fine hair; ironically, humidity works well / is ya best pal as it gives more volume to your ponytail! Every cloud, silver lining & all that.

The problem with thin hair is that it can get tangled easily –  I can vouch for this. My word. All it takes is for someone to cough in the nearby environment and bam; knotty Nancy is in da house. Something I've realised recently is that instead of trying to add that extra va va voom to my tresses with volumising products, fine hair actually much better benefits from a quality hair thickening supplement. A leave-in treatment that provides body, thickness and volume without drying your hair is an excellent place to start. And that linked one, from Timebomb, is BAE.

Let's talk about stress, baby
People who go through vast amounts of stress can experience hair-related issues as a consequence. Don't worry though huns, there are appropriate hair loss treatments that'll help you get through it. Ultimately, people can being to lose their hair for a number of reasons. Stress and anxiety being a big old factor in this; which can generate a hormonal imbalance that affects hair growth. 

When I [occasionally] brush my hair, I am always shocked by the amount I seem to moult - but it's actually pretty normally to shed 50-100 strands of hair in a day, so don't worry yourself unnecessarily about this. If you have any concerns about thinning hair or hair loss, ultimately just have a chat with your Doctor - who can put your mind at ease or arrange for tests to help stop any issues.

Stop that frizz; I can’t find a hat that fits!
Ah, the old poodle head dilemma. Frizz itself is the combination of lack of moisture in your hair and humidity in the air. When your hair is dry, it tries to absorb the moisture in its environment, and that leads to voluminous frizzy follicles! 

Curly and wavy hair has a tendency to be naturally dry, and get frizzy a lot. To help your hair, pick the right shampoo – sulfate-free and glycerin-rich recipes combat frizz by penetrating the hair and hydrating it from the inside. Adding a hydrating conditioner & mask to your routine may also help tame ya tresses. 

Don't overdye
Rainbow, mermaid hair has been popular for a few years now. It looks sick. Is there anything better than pale pink, golden princess  hair? Probs not, hun - but you do need to be careful to not overdye your hair. Try & wait 4-8 weeks before ya changing hair colour. And always be cautious with bleach!

Going grey?
Found a few greys? Don't worry hun, so have I. It's perfectly normal - it's caused by the natural loss of melanin in your hair which causes discolouration. However, with the right routine and lifestyle, you can reverse your grey hair naturally. Call me mental, but onion-juice can be used to treat thin greying hair; as it provides your hair with all the necessary enzymes to rejuvenate your follicles. Mixed with henna, it can also help to colour your hair. 

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Grease Lightning
Have you found that unless you wash ya locks everyday, you end up greasy AF? You might want to slow down your washing routine hun, as over-washing can encourage greasy hair. Additionally, if you twiddle your hair when you talk, you may transfer oils from your fingertips to your strands; which doesn't help. No matter how much you're trying to play with your hair to show him you're probably keen. A dirty hairbrush can also get all sort of nasty oily and dusty elements onto your hair. 

Thin, frizzy, grey, falling, greasy. Your hair goes through a lot of pressure during a lifetime. Whilst your genes can influence its natural colour and strength,  embracing a few of these positive habits will help keep it looking gorgeous and shiny all day long! 
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