You may have noticed a few more home / lifestyle based posts creeping onto my blog recently - I'm not one to chain myself to just one niche or area of writing [though I'm sure there are plenty of these online coaches / people who'd tell me that this is ded wrong & then charge me a smol fortune to list the errors of my ways. But YOLO.] I'm multi-faceted huns. My interests are as wide as being like, everything from pressed powder to pigeons. 

I've got really into home stuff and life hacks recently - unashamedly so, in fact. Home interiors, storage ideas, design, rugs, carpet cleaning: you name it. I dig it. 

And referring back to the first two items in this list of loves [home stuff and storage] brings me nicely onto the topic of today's post - a fab online company I've discovered who make the most exciting range of plastic containers and storage solutions. If you're the kinda gal who goes a bit OTT in Ikea or in the tupperware section in Tesco; you should probably sit down and steady yourself before reading on.

Recyclable Plastic Storage, Containers & Bottles | Sustainable Home Hacks Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Measom Freer specialise in plastic bottles, containers and scoops [used in all kinds of industries; from makeup - beauty to medical & confectionary] which are all recyclable & multi-use. Like, I see a lot of my eco-pals on the 'Gram [Aisling especially] taking their empty plastic recyclables to those shops where no packaging is used and you just take & fill up your own containers with what you want before taking them home... and I can only imagine how amazing some of the options stocked on this site would be for this.

And for much, much better organising of my makeup drawers & general state of affairs in the kitchen. OH - and for freezing meal portions so I can be more organised & adult in my food life. Gawd, all this inspo. Does anyone else get like this about storage options and just... how empty & full of possibility they are when you first buy them?! 

Measom Freer have a bangin' assortment of plastic bottles [perfect for refilling with product or decanting smaller amounts into other containers to take away with you], loads of plastic container options for all your storage needs [brb ordering one to keep all my hair grips in!], replacement plastic lids [which I honestly applaud 🙌 as I'm always losing / breaking mine on products] and measuring / fastening devices for use in & outside of the home... basically all the home hacks I need in my life when it comes to storing & re-using cosmetics, toiletries and grocery items. 

Recyclable Plastic Storage, Containers & Bottles | Sustainable Home Hacks Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Just as much as I love spending money I don't have & buzzing over home stuff, I'm also becoming more aware [and trying to do better] when it comes to being more eco-friendly and sustainable. I've always been passionate about recycling [I was that housemate who used to separate the rubbish & get pure exasperated at people putting stuff in the wrong bins 😂😂😂] but i'm trying to learn more & educate myself further on this as I grow as a human. Deep. In terms of recycling, waste reduction and their products; Measom Freer say:

'All the products we make are manufactured with recyclable thermoplastic.  Where possible we add the SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc) Recycling Codes to help identify the material used in the product. This helps the consumer to recycle our products in the correct recycling area of say their local council, recycling area or collection scheme. A list of the codes are below with the products we manufacture listed next to them. 

We use closed loop recycling within our manufacturing process including typically 10% regrind within production made up of tops and tails (from our extrusion blow moulding process for bottles), sprues & runners (from our injection moulding process) and more if we can to reduce any waste.'

Which I am all about tbh. So wanted to share with you guys today! 

What steps are you taking to become more eco-friendly & up your recycling game, amidst all this climate change horror?
*Sponsored post, but all home & recycling appreciation is totes my own opinion xo
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