I'm actually getting my sh*t together a bit guys re: home stuff - I've been refreshing the gaff with coats of fresh white matte emulsion, have covered most carpet stains with lavish new rugs and I've even discovered how I can resolve some of my carpeting issues with these metal things me Da can help me with from B&Q. ADULTING 101? Completed it, mate.

I'm properly enjoying researching more into home improvements stuff & decor hacks; learning about interior trends & stalking peoples' bathrooms and shelving ideas on Pinterest atm.

Mad how your priorities and interests can change isn't it - at the moment, I'm tending to wander down the homeware aisles of stores rather than the makeup section... which has left me questioning who I  even am, but also to a much nicer home environment. My visits to the wine aisle haven't lessened though, you'll be unsurprised to learn

I literally was unable to cope in Dunelm the other week - my camera roll is full of snaps of all the stuff I want for inspo / future bankrupting shopping trips there.

For me personally, home decor wise, I love sleek, minimal interiors... we're talking laminate floors, glass staircases, underlighting, marble surfaces, fluffy chic rugs, blinged up cushions, ridiculously extra bed frames / headboards and glass ERRRR'THANG. With flecks of that proper bling crackled glass here and there for statement effects / accents. Countertops, staircases, shelving and sparkling glass bathroom fittings worthy of a 5* hotel. Do I own these things yet? Well, no hun. But I bloody well want to - and I've been doing research into companies that can help me achieve these goals; such as The Glass Warehouse.

Home Decor Goals & Achievements 2019 - An Update | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Glass Warehouse have so many statement options for kitchens, staircases & bathrooms - I'm in love with the aesthetic. Their range of stylish Kitchen Splashbacks are sleek & aesthetically pleasing AF - as well as extremely practical for someone like me; who seems to slop food and drink up & down every possible surface... both cooking & eating it 😂

I love my bathroom - for me, there's just something so soothing & relaxing being in a place with so much water - and so much minimal glass & tiling. Maybe it's cos I'm a fiery Leo and the water is my polar opposite, hence balancing me, but alls I know is I love water and spending time in this area of my home. Which is the real reason I have so many baths, not cos I actually wanna be clean & hygienic 😂 So if I was going to spend big bucks on any area of me gaff, it'd likely be in here - streamlining it right down and making it into an even more zen-life space. 

I'd like to invest in some modern storage options for my 3,000,000 skincare products & shampoos to house them more stylishly; something which I think would also be achieved well by these glass shelves. These ideas got me planning out all kindsa decor I can't afford, but it's nice to have goals, right?

Immediate future wise, I'm gonna continue with freshening up the walls with crisp new paint, sort the carpets and possibly do some work on the bathroom with the grouting, shower curtain / screen situation. I'm sort of limited in what I can do right now, but I have high interior hopes & dreams for the future - and all this research is giving me motivation to get my grind on & make some ££££ to get where I wanna be!
*Sponsored post, but all home interior opinions, loves & experiences are totes legit & totes my own xo
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