Whether you have a little one on the way, or it's time to upgrade the car seat you currently have, choosing the right seat for your vehicle and your child can be a little daunting. With so much to consider from comfort and style to the travel system, front or rear-facing seats and all the while adhering to strict safety guidelines and laws – click here for laws regarding car seats - finding the car seat that’s right for you and your child is certainly overwhelming!

The safety of your child is paramount and a well-fitted car seat will help keep them safe whilst you're driving and in the event of a crash. As long as your child's seat is fitted correctly, is the right size and they're fully strapped in, the car seat will protect your child from harm as much as possible. Giving them a chance of walking away with little or no injuries.

With this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple tips that will help you find the right car seat for your little one.

Time To Choose A Car Seat? Check Out These Helpful Tips

Find out what system you need

If this is the first time you’ve ever thought about car seats then the idea of different car seat systems is probably a bit of mystery. Luckily, it’s rather straightforward. Some car seats are simply placed into the back seats of cars then fitted and secured using the seat belt. While others use a system known as LATCH or Isofix. Most modern cars are fitted with Isofix systems, and if you’re unsure if your car has one, simply check your cars’ handbook. LATCH/Isofix car seats are anchored into the vehicle with specific fastenings, which means owners don’t have to worry about unbuckling and re-buckling car seats and potentially getting it wrong.

Buy one from a reputable supplier

Over time you may forget how to fit your car seat, or you may not be able to make sense of the instructions, if this is the case then being able to approach your car seat supplier for advice and guidance is a relief. So, choose a supplier who not only offers an initial fitting service but one that provides an aftercare service too.

Find a seat that will grow with your child

Did you know that if you choose a good quality seat that grows with your child, you’ll save money and save yourself from having to go through the gruelling task of choosing a car seat again! Car seats that grow with your children have adjustable straps, expanding bases and moveable headrests.

Always choose a new seat

Safety measures, legalities and regulations are changing all the time, so you must choose a new car seat that is up to date with the latest legislation and safety tests, rather than a second-hand one that is out-dated and potentially dangerous. Hand-me-downs are great, but when it comes to car seats, you should always opt for a new one.

Find something easy to clean

Crumbs, milk, juice, snot, vomit and nappy leaks. Your child’s car seat will put up with a lot. And finding one that is easy to clean will keep those germs at bay and keep your car smelling fresh!

Time To Choose A Car Seat? Check Out These Helpful Tips

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