Before I went rogue & embraced self-employed life, I'd always worked in retail and sales. Well, aside from that stint I had with computers & apps and that for a while. Fashion retail was always my thing - I've worked in many different retail stores [including Quiz, Clarks, Hollister, Pilot, Lipsy & Next to name a few] in a variety of positions [employment wise, you derty dawgs xo] and I loved it. 

Yes, the hours were long, the responsibilities were pretty gargantuan and the pay was sh*te... BUT I loved the fashion, the merchandising, the sales, the targets, the customers, meeting new people and the lols this lifestyle brings about with it. And the Christmas parties

Due to this - and sneaky little tasters I've had into retail / customer service through visits and trade shows I've worked in in 2019, I've thought about - many a time - setting up my own sorta store? Like, for a short time I sold bits online [and created a bit of an Etsy store]... and I totally bought a domain, made a logo, planned a site / socials and sourced packaging for an eyelash venture I was gonna totally launch this year... but just imagine having a real life, gorgeous boutique fashion store; with a flower wall, stylish AF mannequins and properly sleek, style shop fittings?! 

The dream is there, the seed of curiosity is firmly placed in my mind and there's been times I've wandered through town [and other cities] looking at office spaces and empty store units just dreaming of what could be. I've become somewhat of a dreamer, multi-tasker, Del Boy and wannabe entrepreneur these days [I repeat: wannabe] and this anything is possible mindset is something I'm enjoying embracing.

IMAGINE Opening Your Own Store

If you were to open your own store - be this high street, or more of a one-off boutique, what would you sell? I'm a bit torn these days tbh - I'd always thought clothes & fashion, but now [probs cos am getting ded old] homeware also really appeals to me. And, of course, beauty products [lashes, lashes LASHES.] I'd want it to be the prettiest, girliest store; with bangin' tunes, mirrors that don't make you look like a boiled potato and a glossy, sparkly shop counter with posh paper bags to save the earth. And a chandelier. So I can channel my inner Sia mostly.

I'd have to some practical considerations too, if I'm being more serious about the whole matter. Security, someone to maintain the unit etc... all of which I guess would also depend on my store's location. I'd love to have a proper thriving flagship in our capital yeno - meaning that these considerations would definitely include looking for an electrical maintenance company in London.

Have you ever thought about doing it? Like, I know there's so much to setting up your own business, let alone a physical premises, but if money & all that was no object, what would your dream be? I guess aside from clothing, homeware and beauty; I'd also like to create stationery, sell photography / digital art, draw really random sh*t that'd sell for ££££'s or sell cute pets. Sausage dogs and bunnies could be my niche. OH and amazing coffee.

What would you call your brand, or store? What would your logo look like, what would your brand's colour scheme look like [pink for me, obv] and if your stuff had packaging, what kinda style would it be? I'm really interested to hear you guys' ideas - I honestly find this stuff so interesting, I could discuss business stuff for hours... which is again, probs another indication I'm ageing terribly.

Let me know in the comments!
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