Your rental contract is up in a couple of months, and you are looking for your next flat. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic, deep breath! We’ve all been there! Only, if you are a Girl Boss, is not just your clothes and shoes that need relocating but also your home office, standing desk, half-finished projects, and tons of materials. Of course, spending more than half of your life indoors makes the flat choice super important. Better flat, higher productivity, more money, right? That’s great if it wasn’t for… the budget. If having a stable income is something you are still working on, make sure your next (affordable) flat ticks all these boxes. At least!

Flat Hunting Cheat Sheet: What A Girl Boss Needs Her Home To Be Like
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The Flat

If endless living rooms, mezzanine bedrooms, and areas dedicated only to your projects seem far away dreams, you’ll be glad to hear that there is something you can do to make a more affordable flat works. However, both house choice and location are important factors. An excellent way to start is to imagine yourself working and chilling in the flat you are viewing next. Does it feel right?


You might not have, or be able to afford, a fully-functioning home office just yet. However, if you are shopping for a studio or 1-bed, make sure it has enough space for you to move around and change working stations. Especially if you need to be productive, on a tight schedule, or come up with the next ground-breaking business idea, sitting in the same spot for hours can kill your creativity

Instead, start thinking about where are you going to place your standing desk and what are other corners for you to work. All this planning might seem a silly exercise at first, but a change of perspective when you are stuck on the same sentence for hours can be almost life-saving (sanity-saving, for sure!).
Natural Light

The second most important thing to look out for is how much natural light the flat gets during the day. Being your boss, you might tend to procrastinate and then realise that the more you do, the more you earn. Before finding your balance as a freelancer, you might find yourself working long hours for little money. Aside from helping you save on electricity bills, having natural light shining through your window can lift your mood and make you work smarter (not harder).

Even with the perfect flat, if you can’t get fresh air, you might need to go for a stroll outside now and then. That is great unless your day is so packed that you barely have the time to shower. Days like this should not be the rule but sometimes can they can happen even to the best of us. In this case, just opening a window can help you improve the room’s ventilation and create a healthier environment for your thoughts to thrive.

Flat Hunting Cheat Sheet: What A Girl Boss Needs Her Home To Be Like
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels
The Area

Freelancer loneliness is more common than you think. Even if more professionals are starting to lean towards a more remote-working lifestyle, the chances are that most of your friends have a 9 to 5 job to attend. All this, plus the fact that the environment has a direct link on productivity, make the choice of your next neighbourhood extra important.

Coffee Shops

Working long hours mean that you are bound to need your coffee fix at some point. And, sometimes, gritty instant coffee is just not good enough. Having a variety of cafes with high-speed wifi to chose from means that you can escape your four walls now and then. 
Public Transports

Whether you now are on the lookout for a suburb 1-bed or an hdb for sale in the bustling city centre, you will need to get out of it at some point. If the lack of public transport makes it difficult for you to meet your friends, keep going to the gym, or go shopping, you will tend to stay at home more. Overcrowded bus and trams might not be your favourite transport mean, but they’ll do the job. 

Co-working Spaces

Splashing the weekly income on a co-working space membership is on no freelancer’s to-do list. Yet, the writer’s block happens even to the non-writing freelancers. And that can cost you money, energy, and stress. Having a cheap co-working space nearby can be helpful if you get stuck and, chatting with others in your position might give you the inspiration you needed.

Flat Hunting Cheat Sheet: What A Girl Boss Needs Her Home To Be Like
Photo by CoWomen from Pexels

Bottom Line

Okay, there is no “perfect-flat-formula” for everybody, but there are must-have features that you need to check while shopping for your next home. Even if you are always in saving-mode, investing in better living and working environment will pay for itself in productivity!

*Collaborative post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information on what this means
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