With all the extra time spent at home during lockdown (literally March onwards... 2020 has been an absolute write-off hasn't it 😂😂) I know that I - and many others - have ended up going OTT on decorating projects, mass clear-outs & pure home renovations (we won't be talking about that garage reno in today's post, though 👀.)

And as much as I'm bitter as hell that Ms Rona has wiped out pretty much the entirety of the year - and my beloved Summer (literally, mention Autumn to me right now and I'll have a breakdown) I'm not mad about the increase of time / money I've spent on optimising my gaff. At all. I actually feel pretty proud of the extra work I've put in during lockdown - and all the furniture I've built from scratch, single-handedly 🛠

After all, if I wasn't able to spend my money on things outside of the house, it's worth investing in / on it, right? May as well make these 4 walls look semi-presentable and shake off those crackden vibes, if I'm spending 24/7 in them. I'm here today to have a chatty catch up about the past few months upgrading my interiors, kicking off at Desenio and the aspirations I have for outdoor features.

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My Interior Vibes

I am big into minimalism - anything cluttered makes me anxious AF. It's all in the details and that. Modern, sleek, clean - with greys / dusky pinks / white, florals and sprinkles of princessy luxury are my vibe (very much like this basic bitch bed I bought, built and made up during lockdown. An Argos special like, nothing too mad. I also bought two white, modern storage drawers / cupboards, which I built using me Amazon toolkit from scratch.)

I tend to buy my homeware from a mix of eBay, Amazon, Dunelm (best bedding, cushions and fake flowers everrrr), B&M Bargains, Argos it appears, Next, Beautify, Ikea and I've had a few bits off Wayfair; before all this human trafficking scandal stuff kicked off. I don't feel you need to spend a small fortune on this stuff - or shop the exclusively more 'high end' brands to show off on Instagram stories. 👀 BUT I did buy into the whole blogger-Desenio-thing recently - which is where the framed prints in this post are from. And I'm here to tell you, it wasn't the dream scenario you'd imagine; after seeing all these much-bigger-than-me influencers sing their praises.

I wanted to dress up me walls a lil bit, so spent ages searching the Desenio website for some prints that fitted my aesthetic - and I made a pretty big order, with one of those little shelves for the front room. Imagine my rage, therefore, when my order turned up with zero shelf, and zero prints. Just a bunch of random arse frames. GR8 SERVICE HUN. I never got my shelf. And when they sent out the prints, THERE WAS MISSING ONES, ALL OVER AGAIN. Third time lucky I finally got the prints to go with the frames from my first order... and a refund for the shelf I wanted & never got. Absolute nightmare, wouldn't recommend.

But the prints are nice, now they're here. Still can't comment on me shelf. I again, picked out and hung these during lockdown; using those Command magic strips I've always wanted to try (which work pretty well!!)

I've also bought a wax melt thing and some banging lil ScentSationals wax melts from the Asda for a hit of home fragrance. And for the ambience, darling. God, does it make anyone else cringe / shudder as much as it does me when Charlotte Tilbury says 'darrrrrrlings' 😂🙈

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You've Rambled About Your Interiors - What About Doing Up Ya Exteriors, Hun?

Well, this is a simple one to answer.

I don't really have much of a garden - and I've very much been considering Astroturf tbh; to create a sort of outside space for myself. I think even if I did have a bigger outside space I'd still go for artificial grass - as it's so much easier to maintain, always looks good, doesn't need mowing, stops cats sh*tting in it, prevents pure creatures from living in it AND it's hypoallergenic; so even people like me with raaaaaaaaging hayfever can enjoy it.

This is a slightly all-over-the-shop kinda post, so I hope you's don't mind. I'm just trying to share more personal experiences, honest opinions and things I've been enjoying on my blog and socials more at the moment - and buying new bits for the house has become a huge passion of mine right now. So here we are.

Have you done up your home during lockdown? Where are your favourite places to shop for home & garden accessories?
*Sponsored post but all opinions, feelings, experiences etc etc etc are totes my own & totes legit.
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