If we could only see the future, we would never make a single mistake. But that is more than wishful thinking.... and because we can’t (and because we’re human) we probably still couldn’t avoid getting into a mess here and there.

Your financial future might be something that you have thought a lot about. But what about your other futures? Everything ties back into finance, but it affects finance when you don’t have a plan. But life is complex - and plans change or get dropped when you feel like you need to make a rapid alteration in your life. Here’s how you can stand the best chance of merging the two together.


Getting out of trouble

One of the most underrated life skills is to know how to get out of debt. We all need credit sometimes and banks, as well as lenders, are only too happy to meet our needs. Yet they will always come knocking when it's time for you to make amends. So are you familiar with ways of getting out to debt? What's debt consolidation? It's when you form all of your debts into one giant payment plan. The outstanding number is large but the payments will be small. But, you can also use different methods such as debt discharge. Firstly, regain legal title to your body. This then allows you to take control of your CQV Trust which relinquishes you from some things like court cases, traffic fines and more. 

Planning for a FIAT-free future

If you have picked up a financial paper lately, you will see a running theme. Experts and professionals in the markets are going crazy. Some of them are pulling their hair out and yet, the mainstream media will not cover as to why? Well, it's because there is a lot of talk about dropping the US Dollar as the world reserve currency. Why is this happening now? Well, the USA has now got a total debt of $26 trillion. Experts admit freely, that this will never ever be paid back. So it looks like the USA will actually default on its debt. The number one economy will collapse, some say, in the next decade or so. That means you need to prepare for a FIAT-free world! Begin buying gold, silver and investing in precious metal mining stocks. 

Planning For A Future You Can't See But Can Avoid*

Emerging markets

Now is a fantastic time to invest in emerging economies. Right out of the lockdown and the pandemic, we're seeing that countries like Brazil, India and Indonesia are doing very well. They have renewed investors to take their economies seriously, before others. This means that the door is wide open to making money, even for the little guy. Consider investing in their best sectors, such as Brazil’s soya beans and India’s food and beverage industry.

Now is the time to prepare for a future which you may not be able to see, but you can definitely avoid. Start by reading up on why people are saying the world order is going to change as the USD becomes weaker.
*Collaborative post. For more information, please see my Disclaimer.
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