2020. Officially the year that outdid all others (aside from that year me leg like snapped off) in turns of being an absolute sh*tshow. 

Who'd have imagined, as we welcomed in the New Year (naively) on 31st December 2019, that someone would scran a bat, get ill, and kill off half the world's population? And that'd we'd all be locked down for weeks, with the "government" (soz Boris hun but am not sure I can even call you that) giving out so much contradictory advice it'd be hilar... and banning all activities that are remotely fun.

There's certain stuff I can call - the same bad begs on Instagram stories (trololol don't get me started, we'll need several vessels of tea to spill / get through that one) on the scrounge - and when you get a DM request from someone who 'loves your feed' and wants to be mates... that they're inevitably gonna turn out to be a knock-off travel agent or Younique presenter who wants to recruit me to their pyramid scheme. It's not for me hun, I tried Younique mascara once and it was like a thousand baby spiders died on my lashes and then spread over my face throughout the day. 

But the arrival of Ms Rona was defo not one of them. 

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We've literally missed the entirety of my Summer, my fave season (I hate Autumn / Winter and will always stand by this, unlike those people who say every season is their fave to be relatable at the time xx 🍮🍮) ... and tbh I just can't cope.

And despite being locked down for bloody months, I seem to have been busier with even less time on my hands than ever, meaning that this here blog (sorry dunno why I fancied turning like pure deep south there, I have had a glass of wine so maybe the answer is pretty clear) has been neglected AF. I'm so behind with everything and basically I was already a terrible excuse for a 'bloggah' before... but now? I'm like a pure sham. And my Instagram feed has pretty much become a homage to red wine & my rancid face. I don't even blame / resent the people who unfollow me nowadays.

Basically, this year has been pretty much a write-off... and despite it not being my doing (defo wasn't me who had bat for breakfast) I just feel so much FOMO and sadness that another year of my life (on the wrong side of 30) has just sorta... passed me by. That whole 'I'm not getting any younger' vibe. Anyone else feeling like this?

I mean, that's it. That's the blog post. There's no hilarious tales to share, or products to review, motivational #GirlBoss vibes to share - and no point to this post. But ultimately, it's felt nice to have the motivation to sit and actually blog - and to enjoy it... so I'm hoping that despite everything else around me going to shit, maybe my passion and enjoyment for content creation might be on its way back. And I'm not mad about it.

(Well, I'm a bit mad about it cos I'm a cranky old hag but yeno.)
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