Since becoming gradually more make-up obsessed and as part of the natural ageing process (where my once long and thick 'lashes have become a lot more sparse and mascara doesn't quite cut it anymore ... probably nothing to do with that unfortunate eyelash curler incident I had during my awkward teen years... probably) false eyelashes have become part of my daily life.

As I'm exceptionally skint, I like to make my falsies last. I have several graveyards of them on surfaces in my bedroom - they sometimes terrify me in how they cleverly resemble spiders, but in the desperate battle of making £5.29 last as long as possible, I continue. And succeed!

Still going strong at three weeks old... like a proud parent me

I have got to be quite a dab hand at lashes; I was always the designated 'Lash Technician whenever I used to go out with the girls and we did our make-up together. I can stick them on without a mirror and quite often used to do my entire face of make-up, including 'lashes and eyeliner, in the back of a taxi, in a mad dash to work (my love affair with my bed is even more so than the one I have with eyelashes.) I've experimented with all brands of 'lashes; premium brands, 'lashes made of human hair and even trialled trays of 10 pairs of 'lashes for a quid off Chinese eBay. But the brand I have remained loyal to for the past seven years is Eylure.

You might have seen on my Twitter page (@love_lippy) or even in my earlier blog post about my recent splurge in Boots a little about my adoration for Eylure. If not, beware, you're about to.

My favourite of all of Eylure's 'lashes, even above 110s and 140s, is a solid pair of Eylure 107s. I love the shape, the angle of them and the way they fan out above your eyes without being too heavy. Although I appreciate a good set of falsies, sometimes I can't help but think less is more. There's a very fine line to cross between temptress and tranny, between cute and cows eye; and I hope that my wear of a 107 'lash strikes that balance.

I wear 107s during the day and I would also wear them on a night out. With or without a ravishing smoky eye, they look gorgeous. In fact, up until recently I hadn't even touched an eyeshadow as a lashing of mascara, bitta eyeliner and a solid alignment of a 107 to 'lashline was all I needed to dress up my face. Rediscovering eyeshadow felt so old-school, so retro. Reminded me of stealing my Mum's make-up (once again, during my awkward teen years) and rubbing on as much pink glitter round my eyes as I could *shudders*.

ANYWAY. Here's a few tips on how to successfully execute a set of 107s as part of a daytime look.

Alluring Eylure

1. During the day, I never wear eyeshadow. I mean, I've worn a bitta nude with a darker crease for a treat before, but I always feel overdressed with eyeshadow during the day, and a bit like a raging tranny even when I wear it at night.

So, my debatable manly height aside, I normally rely on a flick of eyeliner on my eyes during the day to blend the 'lashes and my natural 'lashline seamlessly. If you are one of those fabulous ladies who reps a mean made-up eye during the day, then fair play to you. These tips still apply. In your case, do your eyeshadow first k, then meet us at step 2.

2. Make sure, before you do your eyelashes, to put on lashings of mascara first. If you have brown eyelashes (Eylure do a tremendous variety of 'lashes to cater for all skin tones and colourings) use brown mascara. If you're going for jet black, like me, make sure you use a decent black mascara beforehand. There is nothing worse than a pretty convincing pair of 'lashes, with some straggly, lighter coloured eyelashes protruding from underneath. You ain't fooling no-one that those 'lashes are your own that way, girl.

Are those eyelashes, or spider's legs?

Curl your eyelashes, if you want. My eyelashes, although few and far between these days, are quite long so they blend into the falsies pretty well. But, if like me ma, you've got short, straight lashes, you'll probably achieve a better effect if you curl 'em. Remember to ALWAYS curl your eyelashes before applying mascara, as mascara makes the 'lashes brittle and an eyelash curler CAN AND WILL cause real damage. Think school photo day, Year 10. Got up, ironed my hair and then in an unfortunate series of events, snapped half my eyelashes off on my right eye. This is not an idle threat: it's a very real and terrifying reality.

Eyelash curlers - friend or foe?

3. Next: eyeliner. I like a good liquid liner, like those from Barry M or Collection - nothing too swish - as these draw a darker and longer-lasting line on your lid than kohl. Here, you're looking to draw a line on the top lid of your eye, as close to your 'lashline as possible. Do a flick at the end or just finish in whichever way you want. It's your eye, queen, you do whatever you flipping well choose and rock that look HARD.

Walk the line

A little like Cleopatra, I normally do a bit of a winged eye. Well, not to the same level as our Cleo. But a bit elongated at the corners like.

Eye, eye captain

4. Now you're ready to fake it. Take one of your 107s carefully from its plastic tray and apply a liberal layer of glue (provided with all Eylure 'lashes) to the edge. Eylure glue is THE best of all the false eyelash glue I've tried and I carry about 3 tubes around with me at all times.

Get glued up

Wait a few seconds so the glue has chance to go slightly tacky... and then you're ready for step 5.

5. Carefully, apply the 107 to your 'lashline. Be careful when choosing location - too far to the outside of your eye and you look lopsided and possibly a bit mad in the eyes. Too close to the bridge of your nose and the corner of your 107 can irritate your eyelid like a be-atch. Apply it and push it down as close to your natural 'lashline as possible, secure each area of the 'lash, press it down and when it's stuck and in a good position: step back.

I'm not actually poking myself in the eye here. Sitch is under control, guys

6. If there's any areas where the strip 'lash doesn't feel secure, you can always apply more glue at this stage.

7. Let the 'lash dry into place. You will have teensy exerts of glue on your eyelid, which will show up against your black eyeliner. That's all gravy baby: once the glue has dried, simply take your liquid eyeliner and colour over the top of it. SEAMLESS. Your newly applied 107 looks like it's actually your own 'lashes. And they're fit.

Cover up

8. You have faked it. Bloody well. Congrats. Now repeat on your other eye.

Wohoo ... no-one knows of my secret Year 10 peril

What's your favourite number in the Eylure range? Have you tried Cheryl's new range of 'lashes yet? Have you got any top tips on faking it? Leave all your eyelashy goodness in the comments box below. And enjoy

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