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#Beauty - Things I Proper Love #3 | Lashunlimited's #9 Falsies

Sometimes, I think back over how much money I must have spent on falsies over the years, and I do a little sick in my mouth. It's not even like I forked out a small fortune and looked sh*t hot - I just looked full on sh*t most of the time. 

Probably coming up to about a year ago now, I discovered LashUnlimited on Twitter, via some hardcore lurking. I tried a few pairs of their lashes and loved them - but there was one style that stood out for me; that I fell in love with, hard. The #9 lash. They're now the only lashes I'll ever wear and no matter where I'm going - work, Tescos, out-out; I'll always have a pair of their #9s on. Always.

Lovelaughslipstick blog Lashunlimited false lashes eyelashes

I don't just love these lashes because of how big, fluttery and fab they are - and how their spikey, fluffy shape enables them to blend naturally into my own lashes. Oh no. That's just the tip of the iceberg, lads. I also full on flipping heart them because of their price tag. These falsies are legit the best ones I've ever used - and also the cheapest. Suck on that Eylure, with your pokey & uncomfortable 107s. SUCK ON THAT.

Lovelaughslipstick blog Lashunlimited false lashes eyelashes

Lashunlimited have free shipping on all orders over £10, and some of the sexiest offers you'll ever see. And as you may be able to tell by my use of the adjective 'sexiest' when referring to a discount code, I'm darn passionate about this brand and their lashes, haha. 

Lovelaughslipstick blog Lashunlimited false lashes eyelashes

Strip lashes [such as these amazing #9s] are just £2.50 a set. CAN YOU COPE?! I can get two pairs of lashes from LashUnlimited for the price of just one pair of Eylure's.

Drop whatever you're doing right now and get on over to their website. I am obsessed with their lashes and in a committed relationship with them - I'd never so much look at another box of lashes these days, when I have a small mountain of #9s waiting for me at home.

Lovelaughslipstick blog Lashunlimited false lashes eyelashes

Lovelaughslipstick blog Lashunlimited false lashes eyelashes

Where do you get your favourite falsies from?

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