The sun's finally out - which makes me think of one thing and one thing only. HOLIDAY SHOPPING TIME! I've written a few more travel related posts of late [can I plz PR request a holiday now?] looking at places I've been, want to go and those that are bucket list worthy. 

Everyone who I've spoken to's bucket list is slightly different - all filled with weird and wonderful destinations. Do you have one - or locations in mind that you'd add to it? I am a big fan of lists tbh; for every part of my life. I like feeling organised and that they summarise goals, giving me something to work towards. But with so many amazing locations around the globe to choose from, how do you actually pick which ones should make it on your bucket list? A great starting point in writing your own is to think about the kind of holiday you enjoy... and then to take a look at the two destinations I’ve got for you in this collaborative post below to spark some inspo, before you get writing!


America, pls. An admittedly more pricey trip - which you might only be able to make once in a lifetime... but one that you’ll [reportedly, I've still never been *sadface*] never regret. 

There’s two main sides to the US that I've heard are well worth experiencing. The first is the relaxed and laid back vibe of some of the smaller cities, Pittsburgh being a great example of this. People can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of mainstream US cities or states, that some of the quieter, beautiful parts of America are overlooked. 

If you're planning on heading to Pittsburgh, enjoy some of its fab hotels - such as the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott - and ensure that you take the opportunity to mix plenty of sightseeing and relaxing. It’s a small city with lots of character, and the museums there should definitely be on your to-do list; if you’re planning on visiting. Pittsburgh boasts some great food as well, some of which can be found at Mount Washington

On the other hand, if you’re going to America for a busier, iconic experience; Florida may well be the destination for you. It’s perfect. You’ve got the theme parks and water parks, the crazy restaurants, its beautiful beaches and some seriously amazing shopping malls. Granted, it’s defo a little [more] expensive, but totally worth it. Think of the makeups!


Iceland has long been on my radar [well, ever since I saw the Geordie Shore cast visit!] and unlike the USA; it's not so far away or expensive to visit. So it's a great location to include in this post. 

Don’t get me wrong, appaz it's pretty damn pricey once you’re actually there, but to book the holiday itself isn’t too bad. Especially when you think about how some people call Iceland the trip of a lifetime because of how beautiful it is. 

There’s so much to see and do there; in terms of beautiful landscape... of course, one of the main attractions being the famous blue lagoon. This pool of perfectly blue water is warmed naturally to just the right temperature. Like a next level Instagrammable bath! Another biggie for me is the opportunity to take a trip on a boat and go whale watching. Apparently you’re almost always guaranteed to see a whale whilst on the trip! And I'm desp to see these beautiful creatures in action; I always try to look for them in the ocean when I'm on a plane haha.

What locations have made it onto your Bucket List? Where are you off on your travels this year?
*Collaborative post
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