Although I've told current bae that if he asked me to marry him, I'd say no, I do sometimes [like, very very occasionally] think about weddings & what mine would be like. Mostly after binge watching 'Don't Tell The Bride'. And also after going to one of my mate's weddings last year around Christmas - in the most beautiful venue, which was one of the most magical events I've ever attended

Factors like what I'd wear, who'd do my makeup, the venue, how I'd have my hair, which setting spray would best stand the test of time, the honeymoon, the guest list, the photographer & of course, the hen party and all the inflatable cock merchandise that would accompany [hahahah] it are all factors that cross my mind [as well as wondering who I'd tolerate enough to marry!!] when I let my imagination go a bit rogue

A lot of my pals are married, getting married or keen as badgers for their fellas to pop the question - so I thought I'd throw a cheeky wedding post into the mix for ya today. It's a natural progression from all the dating ones I treat you to [or torture you with, depending on ya preference!] on the regular. What would my dream wedding actually be like? 

Bijou Wedding Venues, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Bijou Wedding Venues, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Venue

In terms of the where the ceremony itself would be performed, I haven't really made any decisions; as that would kinda be tied to the person I was marrying... and I'm not at that stage in my life yet. Even though I'm well old. The reception though - that's where the fun can be had. I'm talking flower walls, chocolate fountains, fairy lights and beautiful live music under the stars.

I think I'd like a Spring or early Autumn wedding; where the weather is bright and warm but not pure sweat on Sally. I'd love to get married on a beach - there was a beautiful private beach for weddings in Kefalonia when I was there - and another absolutely beautiful site set up on Paradise Beach by the Blue Lagoon in Olu Deniz when I was there in 2012... but the cost & practicality of getting my guest list out there would be a bit steep. 

My friend's wedding in 2016 was at a beautiful Country House Mansion type place - which absolutely captured my heart. It was the most perfect day and I'll definitely be taking some tips from her when it comes to planning my own wedding. I've been looking at some stunning Country House Wedding Venues online recently - J's wedding has influenced me in a big, big way. Click here for an idea of some of the kinda places I have in mind - and prepare to fall in love.

Bijou Wedding Venues, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Guest List

I have a lot of mates, but I'd like my wedding to be a small and intimate affair with just close family & my best friends. Even though she didn't invite me to hers, I'd still like to invite my best friend from childhood [cos that's the forgiving kinda gal I am] but the guests of honour would definitely be a] the squad and b] my close-knit group of friends from uni. I would be more than happy with just these people, as they mean the most to me. 


This is crucial for me. Although I'd love to entertain the oldies with their slow songs, I'd need my playlist to be a mix of songs from the happiest times in my life; that hold pure memories for me [ie everything we ever danced to, smashed off our tits, at uni.] Sharing that experience, that nostalgia and that special day with my bae & the people I love the most would just be incredible. 

The Dress

Ermagherdddddd. Although I'm not one of those gals who'd want a dress that cost pure thousands [high street would be fine] I would like something a bit special, like. Probably silky, simple, strapless and fishtail. And floor length to cover me trotters, cos 100% I'll be wearing flip flops or something under there. With a cracking tan and white roses. 

Bijou Wedding Venues, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Bijou Wedding Venues, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Colour Scheme

I think I'd want the colour scheme of my wedding to really clean and minimal; like the general aesthetic I loved so much in Mykonos. White, duck egg blue, muted greys and rose gold [cos yeno, I think I'll always have these internal basic blogger cliches within me when it comes to decor!] white roses, fairy lights and a really bright, airy vibe.

The Hair / Makeup

I think I'd have to opt for some kind of updo for the big day - something really blonde, curled, boho-y and beautiful... just not on me face. I personally can't imagine anything more irritating than my fringe blowing into my eyes on photos. Pinterest will sort me out with more than enough inspo for the look I'll go for, like. I don't think there's a single aspect of life that can't be planned or fantasised about on there!

Makeup wise - I need full coverage, mattifying, long lasting shiz - I can't imagine anything worse than having to constantly nip off to the bogs to touch up my face with my fav Rimmel Powder. I think I'd opt for a warm smokey eye to make my peepers pop - and a natural, minimal look otherwise. Nude lips and that. No matter how much product there has actually been used in bringing this dream to life, I will look like a natural beauty on my wedding day, at least!

The Chance Of This Happening For Me Any Time Soon:

Hahahahaha. Not yet baes. But there's no harm in having a little afternoon imagining it is there?

Are you engaged or married - or dropping every imaginable hint to bae to get him puttin' a ring on it? Or are you, like me, like a wild stallion who can't be tied down [just yet, at least?] Do you have a dream wedding planned - or an idea of what you'd like on your big day?
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