As you may just be able to tell from the name of my blog, lipstick to me is a] bae and b] a daily essential that I don't leave the house without. Not that I leave the house that regularly, like. A quick slick of lippy can instantly glam up your OOTD, make you feel more put  together and finish off ya makeup look

But finding the right shade can be tricky, as each of us are so unique [and HAWT] so it’s important to find a shade that works for you and your hair & skintone. Have you ever noticed that for some sly reason, a shade that looks FIT on ya mate or on a pure celeb looks proper grim when you come to try it? Yeah. That

I know I've got a proper stash of lippys I've bought in the past that looked proper fit in the tube, but that I'll never wear because on me, they look friggin horrend. So for today's collaborative post, I'm gonna be sharing some tips on how you can get the most from your new lipstick; and nail the look you're going for every time.

Know Your Undertones

Something it took me a long time to realise when doing & picking makeup to wear, was the importance of knowing what kind of undertones you have to your skin. Once you've nailed this, you can choose products with complementing undertones that'll be far more likely to work for you. I, for example, like Lisa Simpson, have raging yellow undertones; so certain warm shades look horrific on me. 

Your undertones will either be cool, warm or neutral [if you've got the neutral ones then GUUUUURRRLLL you're a lucky duck; as this means you can get away with wearing either cool AND warm toned lippys.] 

Take a stunning red lipstick for example. A true red will be neither warm or cool, and will suit everyone. However many red shades tend to lean one way or another... for example if the red leans to more of a pink ‘cherry red’ it could be considered ‘cool toned’ and if it leans in a more orange or brown direction; it would be a warm toned red. These differences might seem subtle, but the difference on your skin can be dramatic AF!

Think of the Finish

As well as the colour, one of the other big considerations when it comes to lipstick is the finish. For example, you can choose from matte, semi matte, velvet, glossy, sheer, sparkly, metallic or cream finishes - each of them leaving ya lips lookin' slightly different; and each of these will look totes different when worn on differing skintones.

Flatter Your Skin and Teeth

Lippy will always look best when you give it a nice ‘base’ to work from. If you have dry lips for example, prepping them before application will boost its sexy allure tenfold. Something I worry about is how certain warm tones can make my teeth look yellowy - so I tend to opt for cooler colours or bright shades with dark undertones to make my gnashers look whiter. A good choice of lippy will flatter and draw attention to your sexy smile. If you're conscious about your teeth, dentist such as Bright & White specialise in whitening treatments - meaning you easily and painlessly enjoy a gleaming smile in time for the summer!

Lipstick can be fun, bold or more subtle - but however you choose to wear it, choosing the right colour for your face is a must. Luckily though, as there are so many different lip products on the market these days, you’re sure to be able to find your perfect match in whatever colour you fancy. Or at least have lots of fun getting there!

What's your go-to lipstick colour? Which kinda shades work best for you?

*Collaborative post
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