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When I was a young whippersnapper [yes, I was youthful and carefree once, can you believe it; rather than the miserable old bag I am these days] online dating was something that people did on the down-low. Mostly because at the time, there was nothing but negative hype on how everyone online was either a sexual deviant or a mass murderer... and how if you went to meet an online pal you were 95% going to end up being kidnapped & sold to the sex industry - or in a kebab in Blackpool or something.

I remember a girl I worked with about 10 years ago signing up to a dating site & everyone in the shop thinking it was a bit weird; and that dating sites were only for old people who couldn't meet someone in real life. Oh past me. How times have changed. And I love it.  Traa stigma and judgmental jeffrey. Hello new age of lurve.

Online dating is now one of THE most popular ways to meet ya new bae. Whether you load up profiles and get chatting online - or swipe right on the fitties that catch your eye on dating apps; the stigma has been banished. Rather than being embarrassed about declaring that they met bae on the web, my mates are proud to discuss their online dating success stories... and many of my best friends are in long term relationships off the back of this new digital age of dating. I like this. I see online dating as a really positive use & development in technology & social media.

One of the best things I think personally when it comes to online dating is how it literally expands your horizons & allows you to meet so many more eligible singles [often from the comfort of your own home] than you would in any other social situation. If you go to a club or a bar and [by some miracle] manage to speak to every single fella / bird in there; your potential of meeting someone you'll click with is still inifinitely less likely than it is online. Location becomes so much less of an issue with online dating & opens your mind to dating outside of the local radius - your soulmate might be based in Swindon and you might be a Scottish Sasspot living ya best life in Edinburgh... but how else would you find this out, other than having a lil dabble in the online dating game?

Many dating websites come with paid membership options; but there are a number of fab free dating options out there too. And, as ya resident pauper, you all know how much I love taking advantage of freebies! I also think that being able to filter search results by age, location, interests, hobbies etc to find exactly what you're looking for - without the awkward small talk at the bar, trying to make out what he's saying over some bangin drum n bass remix of Lady Gaga [only to discover he's into toenails & hobbit porn] - is another fab advantage to finding love in the digital age.

Of course, as with any way of meeting people; you may well come across some weirdos, those that you clash with or even more interestingly, catfish - buttttt variety is the spice of life; so they say.  And tbh, when I think of some of the creatures that have approached me out in town, I doubt the online world can top that too much!

As long as you're safe, sure and savvy when it comes to meeting IRL [trusting your gut reaction, meeting them in a public place & telling a mate - or the whole squad - of your whereabouts] gaining access to a whole new network of connections can be super fun; regardless of whether these new acquaintances end up in romance, a cheeky bang or friendship. So get scrolling, queens!

Have you tried online dating before? How was your experience?
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