Aite gang. I don't really have a life, so this title may be somewhat classed as clickbait, but I wanted to sit down and share some stuff with yous today. I enjoy writing personal posts - and you guyz seem to enjoy them too, so as with everything in my life at the moment: YOLO; let's av it. My motto, mantra & most commonly used word RN [along with sh*t, bellend and Clive obv.]

I'm sat here right now [in bed, as I am 99% of the time] in comfy leggings & my oversized M A N C H E S T E R top [the bee, not pure Man United kit] full on incandescent, fiery rage. Why? Let me tell you, my friend.

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I just had a YOLO moment. More realistically speaking, probably my twelfth one of the day. I went full rogue despite my poverty & impending unemployment and ordered McDonalds via Uber Eats [you can get free delivery on ya first order with code eats-nikkia1244ue in case you fancy trying it.] I was ded excited. Only for my burger & blueberry muffins dream order to be shat on by the universe.

When my order arrived & I opened it up... it wasn't my order. It had the wrong receipt stapled to it. And this McDonalds roulette was NOT pretty. I have somehow order-swapped with the only person in the North West - if not THE WORLD to order a fecking fillet o' fish meal


Not even that, they also opted to REMOVE ALL THE EFFIN SAUCE, so it's literally a piece of rancid fish on two dry pieces of bread; with some soggy lettuce miserably flapping out of the sides. I. CANNOT.

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I'm not over it [in fact, I definitely just sent the gals a photo of it captioned 'vile tw*t'], but I'll move on for the sake of me bounce rate. I'm not confident I can keep yous reading for much longer about this SICK JOKE, travesty and sham of a McDonald's order.

As you [might] know, I quit my job last week; and it's bloody triumphant. Yes, I have nothing lined up and equally yes, dis is sh*tting terrifying, but I have so many ideas for the future & what I want to do that I'm actually excited & not filled with dread for the first time in A G E S

I'm definitely going to be dedicating more time to my blog & socials in this new found free time of mine - with a 99% chance of creating more video content, cos I love it... so watch this space I guess. Other than that, I'm going to perhaps work part time whilst building my own empire. It's now or never - and I'm super determined to earn some serious dolla.

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I had my crystals & Angel Cards read this week, along with my Astrological Chart - which was soooo interesting. Although they didn't predict the utter carnage which has been the Fillet O' Fish Disaster of 2018 everything that DID come up was super relevant & inspiring - especially in terms of me jibbin' me job to start my own adventure. Friday last week was, my super fab astrologist lady said, a great day for meeting someone romantically or a new business contact; so I brushed [not washed, steady on son] my hair n everything.

Was it the case? Yeno what gang, it sort of actually was. The boy I'm a little bit in love with defo stepped up his game with me [I die] and I did speak to a potential business lead. So I'm pretty much converted and ready to channel all da positive vibes the Universe has for me, now I've finally come out of my Saturn Return. Just no more dry fish fillets pls hun.

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This week is a busy one - but like, a fun busy one that I'm ready to grab with both hands. I've booked the majority of it off from the job I'm currently working my notice in so I can focus on me - and I have meetings with potential clients, events & networking days planned in. Yaaaaaas. Boss bitch over 'ere. Might even catch up on the 50 draft posts I have lurking that I should have written up approx 15 years ago...
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